Boxed and off to the gallery

Hurray! The 2 pieces of art have finally left the house in a protected form. This would be for the Art About Agriculture exhibit. Of course, it wasn’t until after dropping them off that the idea hitting up a moving company for boxes might have been the best solution for the 18″ x 37″ frame.Continue reading “Boxed and off to the gallery”

Blowing through April

Here I am at April 25th, feeling like this month has been utterly unpredictable in weather and life. Two days of beautiful sunshine on Friday & Saturday, warm enough to open the sliding glass door. Now we’re back to rainy, windy, dark clouds, sunbreaks with rainbows sort of weather. My grandmother used to complain aboutContinue reading “Blowing through April”

Luminaria for Friends

Back in October, our friend Shannon married her partner Megan. Last month, they had a great celebration with family and friends at Downward Dog in Corvallis.  Since the party I’ve been slowly working on completing a luminaria as a wedding gift for them. Shannon really likes yellow but I was not able to incorporate thatContinue reading “Luminaria for Friends”

Book Box Extra

Friday, I dropped off the book box to to Dick’s  home. Two of the major participants for coordinating the memorial book for Marie were also in attendance: Cheryl Maze and Susan Liser. There was one change made in the box cover after taking the initial images. I added a place to insert narrow pictures orContinue reading “Book Box Extra”

Book Box Experiment

After an artist friend died in January, a group of her friends gathered to put together a special book for her family. I took on the job of creating a box to house the book. I’m not a box maker but have dabbled in putting together some pyramid box forms as gifts for family.  SoContinue reading “Book Box Experiment”