Blowing through April

Here I am at April 25th, feeling like this month has been utterly unpredictable in weather and life. Two days of beautiful sunshine on Friday & Saturday, warm enough to open the sliding glass door. Now we’re back to rainy, windy, dark clouds, sunbreaks with rainbows sort of weather. My grandmother used to complain about the spring weather, never knowing if she should wear her hat and gloves to town or not (that was in the 1930’s when she moved to Eugene). Crazy. What happened to the Texas trip? I should be down visiting Dave’s family in Austin (90+degree temps) but the new dog had other plans. We tried to leave him at the kennel but he wouldn’t stand for it, becoming downright aggressive toward staff members. This was the first trip I’ve canceled due to a last minute critter issue. Humm, guess we’ll need to work on his fear aggression and separation anxiety. Fun. Dave has been gone for a week and I feel like nothing on my plate has been tackled. Submitting my Artist in Residence proposal has gone no where. Researching more into the Arts Care program: zilch (I was asked last week if I wanted to enter the training program in June). Luminarias for the Spring Garden festival: nada. Packaging up my work for Art About Ag: no progress yet. Dog care: full time!

Ahh, such a cute boy!

So the best thing that’s come through my front door in the last two weeks was 12 prints from the Leftover Print Exchange. What a great way to brighten my life by opening up the envelope and discovering the amazing works. Thanks to Amy Nack in Boise Idaho for hosting the exchange. Why the heck haven’t I participated in other exchanges? I have no idea. Hope to participate in others this year. Wish I had submitted a much better print. I’m totally in awe of all 12 I received.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Blowing through April

  1. Funny how those critters can change our plans. Sean and I have spent one anniversary and one Christmas apart due to various Rogue emergencies. I like to think that they appreciate it, but then again Rogue now growls at Sean so who knows.

    I think you’re amazing if that helps.

    1. Thanks Tracie! You’re such a good friend who fully understands the woes of nutty dogs. Guess it was about time for me to join the ranks of “dogs with issues”! You and Sean have gone through so much with your last two dogs…. we now have a much greater understanding of your life.
      The Beast (Moby) sends love and muddy paws your way!

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