Boxed and off to the gallery

Hurray! The 2 pieces of art have finally left the house in a protected form. This would be for the Art About Agriculture exhibit. Of course, it wasn’t until after dropping them off that the idea hitting up a moving company for boxes might have been the best solution for the 18″ x 37″ frame. Guess I’m just used to retrofitting things to fit my needs. Wasn’t the prettiest box, but it should serve it’s purpose. Totally forgot the hanging hooks to accompany the piece… always something.

Still trying to finish off my submission for the Artist in Residency program. The description still needs more tweaking and words are failing me. I should probably drop it off as is and let it go. Talking to Hester Wednesday morning, it sounded like she had plan B & C in the works. So what am I proposing? Well, the inspiration comes from all the blooming fruit trees out side. I would construct a branching structure hanging from the ceiling that would sport dangling blossoms and buds in various stages. Branches would be made of wire armatures and covered in handmade paper created on site. Flowers would be created in similar fashion and ones that fall from the branch might even include hog gut! Think there are still 4 bags in my fridge ready to be used. A lot of this would be trial and error, but it might be fun for the public to come watch the progress. The public could also learn to make parts and pieces for the flowers, watch paper making, learn about creating paper balls using gore patterns…. so many possibilities! It would also be in creation during daVinci Days when hundreds of people wander through the center. Kind of freaks me out so it must be a good thing. It’s certainly pushing my comfort envelope! The project would be called BLOOM.

Today, Moby was introduced to cow hooves and seems to be in heaven. If I can keep him chewing hooves and knuckle bones, maybe the house will remain fairly safe. The kitchen & dining room never seem to be safe so I started to gate off those areas. Man, he can reach to the back of any counter and over 5ft up the walls. Nothings safe unless behind closed doors.

Ceramics Showcase is this weekend at the PDX convention center! Get out there and support our regional potters!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Boxed and off to the gallery

  1. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you working the Artist in Residence! Bloom sounds like a very cool concept!!!

    1. We will just have to wait and see what Hester thinks. I heard Elaine Green also submitted on Saturday. I would LOVE to share the space with her!
      Keep your fingers crossed… or something like that!

  2. curious minds want to know if you got you Residency app in… forgot to ask you yesterday. And are you going to do the tree project if yes?

    1. Yes, I did drop it off and the branch canopy with blooms is still the theme. We will see what Hester thinks…eventually! 🙂

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