Book Box Extra

Friday, I dropped off the book box to to Dick’s  home. Two of the major participants for coordinating the memorial book for Marie were also in attendance: Cheryl Maze and Susan Liser. There was one change made in the box cover after taking the initial images. I added a place to insert narrow pictures or words on the inside of the spine.

In the above image, you can see the paper inserted over the red space. There is an access on the left side to slide thin things in. Kind of a fun extra for the box. Dick was in the process of rebinding the book (after scanning all the pages contributed) and wasn’t certain if the box would really house the book. I let him know that it was fine if he decided to not use the box in that manner. He can certainly do with it as he pleases. It really is much too large for the shrine area. Oh, and Dick loved it!

Here are some images of a furry helper. I can bet there are hairs in the binding! Nigel did place his muddy paw prints on some of the binder board prior to covering. Thank goodness it was in the early stage.

It’s nice she’s finally getting more social again.  Kitty cuddle time just happens in the studio space rather than upstairs. Moby still scares the heck out of her. Maybe in a couple of months she might venture upstairs again.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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