And it’s a wrap!

Red the Ox greeting the people!

Wow, it’s been an incredible ride to the finish for the Philomath Open Studio Tour. The giant push to create and package new things to unearthing all sorts of hidden older gems to find homes as product leaves the tables. Plus coming down with the flu in between weekends. Talk about screwing up the production flow! Oh well, I just had to work with it and let go of the internal expectations I had set for myself.

I mainly sold felted creations and cards for the event. Only one single reproduction sold which really surprised me. I feel bad for investing in so many reproductions. My hopes were big and it was a gamble that didn’t pay off at this time. But I’ll have them for other sales! Plus I might take a couple and play with additional colors over the top. Kitchen towels were also popular.

I decided to treat each zebra print and card as an opportunity to create donation revenue for the Makindu Children’s Program. I sold 15 cards and one framed image, meaning I have donated (check is written and posted) a grand total of $51.50. Not the greatest donation, but a good start.

The zebra print is on display at the Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath until late January 2023. I have yet to visit it, but numerous people did and came by to see me during the second weekend. It was great to hear their impressions and delight at sitting in the auditorium chairs , looking at her on the wall behind the stage. Very readable from a long distance!

Would I participate in Open Studio again? Yes, if I’m asked. It was a truncated experience for me this time around and I don’t feel like I really helped the group out enough, but I certainly sold numerous items and met so many fabulous people. The group of artists running the event are incredible people who are a joy to work with. It’s a group effort to push forward the marketing, publicity, signage, presentations, gallery show/window display, and everything else. So much goes into pulling everything off smoothly. They make it look so easy from the outside.

Well, that’s all for now. I have a pile of wool that needs shaping into numerous ornaments and small kitties for The Vintage Roost show. That event runs from November 18th & 19th, 25th &26th, December 2nd &3rd. Address: North Albany area- 935 NW Scenic Dr., 1/2 mile off Hwy 20.

I’ll leave you with images from the event prior to sales

Grid wall borrowed for the event. So glad I could use it!

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