Plum Blossom


Beautiful sunny warm spring weather! What a JOY! It would be even better if I wasn’t stuck inside, fixing and clearing out old stuff left by renters from years ago. Who knew they crammed so much junk into the attic space? So far I’ve uncovered bags of clothing, an old TV/VCR combo, a stereo system, loads of gardening buckets, bags of some students papers, an artificial white christmas tree, and an incomplete guitar stand. Dave has been wanting a guitar stand! Maybe I’ll find the missing part in the attic today! Actually, he wasn’t thrilled with my find and now says he just wants a case. Personally, I wanted to hang it on the wall in his “man cave”, but that is too reminiscent of what my brother does, and no one wants to be that geeky! Anyway, the remaining items will be inventoried and taken to a donation site or recycled.

Chimney sweeper for the main house today and still some roof work to be done. Still more yard work too. Carpets will be the last thing to install. With luck, house #2 will be on the market before the end of March. By Friday I might have electrical quotes and be able to make a firm “yes or no” to the sale of house#1. I just have to keep the motivation going and sunny beautiful days really help.

Of course my brain is thinking about creating a hand-cut paper plum blossom lamp…… might be nice! April will be studio time. 😀


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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