Warmth and sunshine

Here we are on March 17, 2019 and it truly feels like spring! Topping out at almost 70, we spent the day house cleaning and clearing brush in the backyard. I finished Anna’s book page yesterday and packed it up today for Cathe. So overdue, but I’m happy with what’s being sent forward (which is what I really want). Colors became crazy, but seemed to work well with the image. I think my brain needed this crazy outlet for moving forward in life. Thinking back on what’s happened over the past 10 months, I’ve been amazed at how things are finally progressing forward. Slowly, overdue items are getting check off the mental list. Packages sent to my nephew. Print exchanges entered at the last moment. Drawings completed.

One thing I haven’t mentioned much has been the kittens. They turn 1 year on Friday!



These two crazy girls have become such a strong part of the household. Both Moby and Hazel adore both girls, but MeMe still hasn’t accepted the pair. The household remains divided on the cat realm. Maybe we’ll have a breakthrough with the old lady soon.

Maggie currently visiting until early April. Her mom is taking a much needed vacation to Costa Rica. I actually have plans for travel to Kenya and Tanzania in September/October 2019. Since I’m at the last of my 40’s, I’ve chosen to make a grand safari adventure before the clock shifts into the 50’s. I have chosen to join a group I know and a cause I’ve supported in the past (Makindu ).

A great week ahead!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Warmth and sunshine

  1. Sounds like you are really ticking the boxes off now Gale, its all coming together. The piece for my book looks great, can’t wait to get it home again, once Cathe has added her bit! Your trip sounds amazing, I’ll look forward to hearing about it.

    1. I’m trying not to become too Africa focused. There’s a lot of life to live before departing in September. Life is finally feeling better and art is starting to flow again. 😀

  2. Hi Gale, you really have had a full 10 months! Your package arrived yesterday. So great to see your page. It’s gorgeous! I’m so excited about your Africa trip too.

    1. So glad you are finally able to get your hands back on a book! I already have an idea for approaching Karen’s book, so it should speed along more quickly! Then I’ll finally open your package!!
      Africa is becoming quite an adventure. I will be there for 3 weeks. Final days in Watamu on the Kenya coast. Starting research on birds and wildlife in the areas!
      Hope you’re warming up and spring is starting in Minnesota!

  3. I love your cat portraits. Excellent! I want to pet them—their fur is perfect. But the best part for me, is that their personalities are right there. That is the most important thing for me when drawing/painting animals—not that every hair is exactly where it should be, but that I have captured the animal’s personality.

    1. I’m afraid to burst your bubble Nancy, but the cat portraits are photos, not drawings. I’m always glad to hear from you. Maybe one day I’ll actually sit down and draw a cat. Your animal portraits are so lovely!
      😀 Gale

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