Sunday Balloon Launch

We almost always make it to the  Northwest Art & Air Festival, especially to see the hot air balloons. Some years I participate in the World Wide Sketchcrawl on Saturday to sketch balloons. Other years, we just chase after them to watch them land and pack up. This year, the festival launch on Friday was canceled due to high winds. Saturday, Dave & I had to be in Eugene. Sunday morning was our only opportunity for traipsing thru the countryside after the big colorful bags of air.

Apparently, Sunday the 26th wasn’t a good day for ballooning. We did arrive a bit late but there were only about 8-10 balloons that took flight that morning. Bummer!!! The winds pushed them north this year. Personally, I enjoy chasing after them when they head south. Here are some photos…

Oh, the Panda was back and giving rides!

How does a balloon get inflated? I didn’t get shots of the really big fans that do the initial inflating, but here is the less full to full.

We had too much on our plate to attend the art portion of the fair. Hopefully next year we’ll attend the entire festival!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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