Morning tea with the deck plants

Our back deck holds numerous plant experiments. Recently I pulled the terra cotta pocket-pot out of the back yard. It had originally been planted with a multitude of herbs, a gift to Dave on his 40th birthday from friends. The chives remain in a side pocket, but that’s all. I think I’ll have to add one of Lee’s sage plants to the top. This morning I chose to sit in the chair next to the pot on the deck railing. The planter surface has finally taken on some character with green, black, browns and greys. I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera ….

Last year my friend Carol dropped off several poppy seed heads (dried) at the office. I enjoyed having their interesting forms to look at, but discovered if you tipped them over, seed fell everywhere! Probably not the best thing for my keyboard. Eventually I emptied the heads and stored them in the kitchen at home. A month ago I decided to plant some, thinking only a few would come up. I now have two pots with a solid carpet of plants. I’ve transplanted a few but certainly don’t own enough pots to handle the remaining numbers. I really enjoy looking at their forms in the morning, observing the new leaves coming up and all the dew drops.

All the perfect droplets dangling on each point. There might have been more before I dragged my chair across the deck and dislodged a bunch!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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