For the 4th of July, Dave decided to give grilling ribs a try.

He started the process early, around 8am, since we needed to get to Eugene. By about noon, the ribs were done!

Ah, the happy grill master!

Lee seemed to have a bit more life in him than the previous days. New blood really can help make one feel better, but the line all the nurses and physicians feed you about feeling incredible the next day really is not the case in our situation.

He consumed two ribs & some potato salad. Not too bad. Would have been nice to squeeze some dessert into him.

Kim enjoyed the meal too after a long day of work.

And the grill master rested in the corner chair. A job well done!

Dave and I headed home to make sure Mr Moby wasn’t spooked by all the fireworks. He did quite well. Much better than our previous dogs!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Ribs

  1. Just about the time all the fecal matter hits the air circulator you get a brief reprieve. Let’s hope this is a long period of stress lowing action on the part of “der familia” members. Ron and I are cheering for good news, good creative juices, and sunshine. May the snakes move to the next county and Mr. Moby find shadows to chase as the sun races across the sky.

    I made another trek to NE to continue family research. Am narrowing the gap of ‘no info’ years for my mom. Another 1/2 brother, thanks to our wayward father spreading his ‘seed’ is coming to AZ. and we’ll meet July 18th. Nothing like finding “relates” at age 72+.

    Hugs and surges of energy to all of you. Marilyn, Ron, Kiska, and Little Man Henry

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Glad you’ve made it home safe & sound. We’re finally getting a touch of sunshine & warmth… but nothing like you have! Keep cool!

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