November Oncologist Visit

Hard to believe that yet another four weeks have passed since my dad’s last visit to the oncologist. Where has time gone this month? Lee has remained stable over the past 3 months. Late November stats: weight 162lb., hemoglobin 10.6, white blood cell 3._? (didn’t write the number down but lower than what the doctorContinue reading “November Oncologist Visit”

Shoji Birdhouse: Almost complete!

Saturday was the day for leaf work. Dave had nicely harvested four fronds from the licorice ferns at the park several days ago . Originally I was thinking about using bracken ferns, but he was unable to locate the plants. Oh well! These will do nicely. I chose to print the leaves onto butcher paperContinue reading “Shoji Birdhouse: Almost complete!”

Shoji Birdhouse contd.

Report from Thursday: This is where I’m at so far. Base is finished and wired. Roof is almost complete (ridgeline cap needs attaching and one more interior support to add). To do: Figuring out corner support strips, cut paper design and a couple of other things. Here are some photos of it lit up!  

Shoji Birdhouse Lamp

How often have I started a project with one thing in mind only to shift towards, well, something a bit different. Since I have not posted my original ideas/drawings, you would have no idea what I’ve been thinking.  The birdhouse deadline is fast approaching and many artists have already dropped their work off. Will IContinue reading “Shoji Birdhouse Lamp”

Off to Florida

Well, not me personally, but a trip to a warm place with lots of sunshine would be nice! No, I’m referring to the piece donated for the silent auction at the Houston Texas event.  It raised $65 for the National Education Program for Homeless Children & Youth. My sister-in-law let me know it received severalContinue reading “Off to Florida”