November Oncologist Visit

Hard to believe that yet another four weeks have passed since my dad’s last visit to the oncologist. Where has time gone this month? Lee has remained stable over the past 3 months. Late November stats: weight 162lb., hemoglobin 10.6, white blood cell 3._? (didn’t write the number down but lower than what the doctor would really like to see), kidney functions are good, platelets are good.  His medication is still doing it’s job and keeping the disease at bay. His activity level increased over the past month. He took two solo trips to Yachats after a couple of test drives to Corvallis. With the increased activity he has also asked too much from his body. There was an incident in which he tried to pull out boards stored on the back deck and he broke a rib. Certainly can’t blame him for wanting to resume his normal life but bone breaks hurt like crazy. After a week+, it does seem to be healing.  So far he is refusing to take serious pain medication.

I must admit it’s nice having him be more independent. It had been over a month since driving down on my own to Eugene. I still make daily phone calls to check in. He has several projects started for artful improvements on the coast house. New framed map to cover the electrical panel, brighter colors for the living space (pillows & rug ideas), and new stained glass designs for the sliding bedroom doors (geometric design, FLW influence). Time to liven up the space from my mothers ocean color palate (blue, green, gray). There might even be a new stove unit with an oven! He may not sell the place after all.

Lee’s 84th birthday is fast approaching. This year he claims not to want any celebration. I asked him if a nice meal plus favorite September 7th cake from the Metropole bakery would be ok. He briefly considered it and thought it a good idea. Could that man turn down chocolate???? Never!

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