Birthday thoughts

41 years ago I was evicted from my first home. It was so warm and comfy, fluid filled, low light and designed just for me. Then my mom kicked me out. Waahhhh! A big huge thanks to her for providing me with such a wonderful place to grow both inside her and out in the real world. I wish she was still here today. My sister tells me that the day was warm and sunny, a surprise for early November in Oregon. I always assumed it was raining since most of my birthdays growing up were grey and gloomy.

This birthday has been different. My body evicted the remains of my 6.5 week pregnancy to the sewage treatment plant. Disgusting and very unromantic sounding, but oh so true. It’s returning to the earth one way or another. My sister works for a sewage treatment plant so I’m fairly aware of the processes. So the body is enduring painful cramping and more cramping… not my favorite way to spend the day. Fortunately Dave is here to help bring me food, hugs and kisses. He has warmed my cold toes, brought me pastries from the french bakery in Corvallis, read Harry Potter aloud, helped calculate some geometry needed to figure out the bird house roof, picked up fixings for home made mac & cheese, and is planning on creating a special birthday cake. Just the two of us. I couldn’t ask for a better guy in my life who loves me so much. I’m pretty certain this day will stand out in years to come as a day of love and loss. Love from all of those in my life sending wonderful positive energy my way. I love you all! And the loss of of possibilities. It just wasn’t ment to happen right now. Hopefully it will come again and bring great joy to all our lives.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Birthday thoughts

  1. Beautifully written! Your Dave is a great guy and love is what it’s all about! Sending more your way…

  2. “happy after birthday” Just smile knowing I’m 30 years older than you. Celebrated #71 Oct. 12th. Not much happens when you turn 71…. I used to make heart shaped meatloaf for Ron’s birthday. I tried mashed potatoes for ‘fluff’ and decided it was too much work.
    As your friend wrote ‘love is what it’s all about’. You don’t have to impress each other, just be there for each other. Marilyn

    1. Somehow I never knew our age split. There was always the April & December birthday splits. Now I’ll always know your age!

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