Shoji Birdhouse: Almost complete!

Saturday was the day for leaf work. Dave had nicely harvested four fronds from the licorice ferns at the park several days ago . Originally I was thinking about using bracken ferns, but he was unable to locate the plants. Oh well! These will do nicely.

I chose to print the leaves onto butcher paper to get a better idea of layout. After they dried, the prints aided creating cutouts on black Strathmore paper. Then the dreaded cutting began! Fortunately the paper is thinner and doesn’t require as much pressure to cut (plus changing blades really helps too!).

Here are the images from Saturday and Sunday morning.

Printing fern fronds.

The first three cutouts.

Layout of paper ferns on panels.

Next step is cutting and gluing onto the panels. This step should be completed in a couple of hours.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Shoji Birdhouse: Almost complete!

  1. Those are going to be so nice when they are done! I love this fern choice by the way. However, I believe mom has loads of ferns around her place if you ever need more options.

    1. Very cool! I’ll keep that in mind. There were also going to be bird embryo development on each panel… but as you know things change.
      Thanks Tracie!

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