Working on Corydalis

Corydalis- Gale Everett Studio
Corydalis- Gale Everett Studio

Slowly the full page for Karen’s book is coming together. Back in May when we spent some time on Cape Perpetua, I took a few photos of plants I didn’t know. One turned out to be Corydalis scouleri, or Scouler’s Corydalis. I was drawn to it’s beautiful elongated leaves and elegant spikes of flowers. It seemed like a good fit for the book collaboration. Karen’s theme is Patterns in Nature:Forest. More work to come to finish off the page a bit more but at least color has finally graced the page!

Watercolor, Sakura Micron pen, graphite.


Plant info: Height- 60-120 cm tall,

Flower stalks: 20-30 cm tall, pink, spurred, spike like clusters.

Pacific Northwest coast range, moist forests and riparian zones.



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Working on Corydalis

    1. I like the background too. I’m probably finished with the full spread and now it’s time for the smaller compositions. 😄

    1. Two images to go and then it’s done. I’ll probably work on it more over the next couple of days due to our pending heatwave. 100F again? July is shaping up to be the hottest month on record , and we’ve not even started it yet!

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