Put a Chicken on it!

Setting up the window at the Footwise store in Corvallis. I’m in the red hoodie and my art cohort Debby Sundbaum-Sommers. Photo credit: taken by Anthony Gordon.

I skipped last Friday’s blog posting. Life has been pretty overwhelming and new items were not coming together. However, this week has been full of activity: Sunday set-up of the window at Footwise. Orders are almost here! More orders have been placed and (fingers crossed) will arrive before the event! Hurrah! A new drawing started of a big chicken! And I received my third booster for Covid variants! Yippee! And I harvested the seeds from the chard plants and will be making seed packets.

Earthquake! Yes, we had a small 4.4 tremor at 5:52am today. It’s epicenter was located about 30 miles from us and 8 miles deep. The only thing we noticed was the bedroom door shaking in a strange way. Often the cats come and bang the door for food, but this wasn’t happening. No cats, no meowing, just a strange door shaking. It went for a bit then stopped.

A box of love has arrived! Expensive love, but I hope it will make some people happy when they visit during Open Studio Tour and would like to take home a bit of my art. The only problem with this box is all the preparations in-store for each item. Backing boards, plastic sleeves, information to be written up and distributed into each bag. Plus uploading all the information into the sales page for the square account. Maybe I’ll get Dave involved and make it a little party.

Intense chicken filling a 48” x 36” page.

Put a bird on it! In this case it is a chicken! I had hoped for the drawing muse to push the African crane onto the big paper, but it didn’t happen. However, I was flipping through images and found a favorite of the poultry variety. This plucky lady and her cohorts spent several months visiting us last year. They jumped the fence to escape from a mystery serial chicken killer that was whacking off their girlfriend on a regular basis. We certainly couldn’t fault those gals for leaving home, but it became too intense with dog handling. If one was trying to leave the house with dogs on leash, the ladies would come a running! If it was just us, it wasn’t a problem and we enjoyed seeing them, but the dogs clenched our resolve to urge the neighbors to take control of their wandering birds. So, the girls went back home and were eaten. The drawing is on Rives BFK paper (48″ x 36″), charcoal and Unison soft pastels. Hopefully she will be completed by Open Studio Tour!

Handspun North County Chevoit mix. Natural.

More spinning has crept in with hopes for sales? I’m a bit torn between selling or holding for natural dye baths and future weaving. Is it better to hold on to my creations or let them go? I’ll keep mulling this over. Maybe the red-orange skein (not pictured) will go for decoration and possible sale.

So that’s it for me. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Put a Chicken on it!

    1. It was some creature, either raccoons or rats or?? They never figured out who or how the predator was getting into the space. Maybe their rat population will finally decline.

      1. It’s gorgeous, a chook with attitude. I suppose our nearest animal to a Raccoon is a Badger, but I think badgers are bigger maybe? I haven’t heard of badgers taking chooks though.

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