Seemingly Slow

Sunset in Late Summer, North Albany Oregon

At the end of the week, I don’t know what happened, only what was completed today. I managed to spend the entire day re-shooting photos, adjusting quality via photoshop, and finally uploading them to the Texas company for a giant order. I bit the bullet and ordered a large amount of cards and prints of various drawings. From sheep to birds and a hyena as well! Creating printed goods is quite an investment. There’s still a few images that need finishing before they go through the same process. Hopefully everything will come together before POST!

Completed Cards!

The initial test printing arrived! I have a small quantity of Chestnut Backed Chickadee and Zebra cards now in-stock. The CBC’s actually look even better than the December 2021 order. Cards are a bit smaller, but the quality is good. I’m super happy to have the zebra in small form! I’ll order more on the next round!

Woolly Pie Pincushions!

On Thursday I dropped off some cute woolly pie pincushions to the Vintage Roost for their final Friday/Saturday sale. I also repriced the current pumpkin stock since none had sold. Will anything sell? Maybe not, but that just means I’ll have more stock for POST.

Quail head in process

Quail Head Felted! Finally the California Quail head has possibly reached an end. It still requires a wall hanging device and I have yet to sit down and figure that part out. It’s looking pretty good. I have changes for the next round!

Ewe 183 is still languishing on the drawing board. Maybe this weekend it will come together….

Honeycrisp apples in process.

Apple picking and processing also happened this week. Our little Honeycrisp tree produced a tidy little crop (last year it had 3 apples). I made a rustic pie last week and a giant batch of apple pie filling, enough for 4 pies, to be frozen for later desserts during winter. There was also just enough for some applesauce and eating. At least we had one tree produce after a harsh freeze right when blossoms were setting.

Evelyn , senior graduation from nursing school 1956.

And a remembrance to my mother who would have turned 92 this past week. I miss her dearly and still wish I could just pick up the phone and call her. Those that you love never leave your heart.

So that’s the progress this week. Fingers crossed for more productivity next week. One month to go before the start of Open Studio!!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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