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Warbler work

April 5, 2018


Today I wasn’t feeling terribly well. Not sure if pollen is the problem, which there certainly is plenty floating around, or a virus. Coughing, low energy, almost missed my physical therapy appointment. So, I haven’t pushed forward with much drawing today.

What I did accomplish was changing the ugly wren start in the upper right corner to a frequent visitor to the suet cage:  Audubon’s Yellow Rumped Warbler. Without any color, it’s hard to tell. The Red Headed Sapsucker in the upper left corner still needs work. Once everything looks set in pencil, I’ll move to watercolor and colored pencil.

I’m actually finding it quite satisfying to work on wildlife images. With all my years of watching birds, I’ve not really attempted drawing any (except a pelican). Maybe they’re a new muse? Time will tell.


Page layout start

April 3, 2018


If you are one of the other 4 participants in the book collaboration, hide your eyes and ignore this post! I’m horrible and just can’t keep from sharing the start. Please forgive me!

stage1sketch geverettstudio

This is the starting pencil sketch. Color will be added in the form of colored pencil and watercolors. I still have more to resolve : birds, plants, bumblebee, fox. It’s been a fun day but time to take a break.

HB lead on Arches watercolor paper 300 gm

Finished and moving on

April 3, 2018

empty bowl_geverettstudio

Whew! I actually completed an artwork. Next up is the book collaboration and possibly another print exchange in Castlemaine Australia (thanks to my art friend Karen!) The book paper is folded and ready for sketches! Ideas should start attaching to paper today.

The weather continues to slowly warm, flowers and trees are blooming, green surrounds everything. In about 2 months, a new family member will be joining our household. MeMe will be put out, but a kitten is coming our way!

Rainy day work

March 21, 2018

Moby print stage 2

Spring is here and the print is moving forward. Kind of. I always have such angst about carving away more and more of the block. The ear has yet to receive much attention. The feet are unresolved. I feel like adding screen print color over the image. Maybe sleeping on it will present a clear path forward.

The rain is back for the next several days and should help keep my focus on indoor art items.

Me Me kitty had another vet check and it might be good news for her kidney issues! She gained a pound over the past 3 months and looks pretty awesome. Fingers crossed for blood results showing hypothyroid problems (T3 levels). That’s something we can deal with via medicine.


Empty Bowl Start

March 13, 2018


Two projects on the table:

  1. It took quite a while to figure out an image for Wingtip Press Leftovers Print Exchange due at the end of March. Finally the drawing has moved to the soft block and cutting commenced! The print is actually looking a bit like my boy Moby! Since the exchange will benefit the Idaho Hunger Relief group, this year I chose an image of a sad pup waiting for food (not like I have models lounging around the house giving me sad eyes daily or anything!).  Over the past few years, I’ve become known for dog images. Hopefully this one continues with good progress and no major mistakes. With a little luck, it will make the Idaho group a bit of money and travel the world with the other exchange entries.
  2. I also have started folding a concertina book for a collaboration, but chose the wrong paper. It’s good to test paper before folding it into a book. Does it work with pencil and eraser? Watercolor? Pen and ink? If it looks like crap after a round of eraser work, you need to choose a new paper. BFK Rives failed (a great printmaking paper). Arches Aquarelle (water color paper) should win. More cutting/folding to come. I also realized I need to think about paper grain and how the covers will be glued on plus their grain direction. So much I’ve forgotten about working on books. Oh well, it will eventually get sorted.



Madame Grump

February 16, 2018

madame grump

We are still waiting for winter in Oregon. Yes, it’s mid February, but somehow we’ve missed out on all the powerful storms and snowfall. With the lack of winter comes an early flea/tic season. The dogs received oral flea medication back on Monday after discovering a multitude of “friends” on Hazel. Today I pinched a flea off the grumpy one before she could bite me. Now she too has been treated.

Me Me has been particularly grumpy of late. Last Friday I received a huge bite to my face drawing blood and a good open wound. Giving the cat physical attention has subsequently shifted. For some reason I don’t want her to roost on my shoulder and cuddle against my neck. She’s not a fan of the change. She’s also living among the current remodel site. Drywall dust and chunks are everywhere, open ceiling space, exposed floor joists. It would be nice to get things tackled this weekend and close up the space.  Maybe after the ORT in Brownsville (Odor Recognition Trial). Moby has one scent he missed last year. I participate in a dog sport called Nosework to make life more interesting for both of our pups. Fingers crossed that he will be calm enough to handle the situation. I feel lucky to know the site and a bunch of the volunteers involved.

Off to get some work done!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Scritchy Pen

February 7, 2018

cat doodle feb 7 2018

Art hasn’t been part of my daily life for quite some time. Sure, I pull out tools and beat on walls, smear joint compound over mesh seams, paint and repaint, but it’s not the same.  Sitting down with a pencil/pen in hand and attempting to fiddle with an image requires a lot more brain power. Today, I pulled out an inkwell and scritchy nib to work a few marks.

The studio space currently houses the cat. Actually, the entire downstairs houses the cat! Every morning she starts demanding attention when I’m sitting down (upstairs) with tea. The dogs response is typical: frantic barking and running to the gate that separates their space from hers. Every. Single. Time!  When I do join her, it takes about an hour of lap time to appease the furry beast. Eventually she tires of me and goes off to sleep. I’ve been working on multiple wall and cleaning projects downstairs so she feels less lonely.

The two upper cats are jut goofy doodles created with sepia ink and a drawing nib. I’ve been contemplating cat heads for a ceramic piece.  I ran across the drawing nib when cleaning out more boxes from my dad’s studio. The bottom sleeping cat is Me Me after she left me for her heated bed (pencil). As an old lady, she spends large amounts of time there.

Time to get working on the newest wall mess….