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Moby Forest continues…

August 21, 2018

Moby Forest

Isn’t it done YET??? Oh my goodness!!! I’m just furious with myself for not getting things moving and out the door! What the heck is wrong with me??? I guess life keeps rearing up and stalling progress forward.  The next book is on it’s way…

So, what’s been happening? Well, more coastal stuff, trying to grasp the next move with all the clearing out, sorting everything once it comes home and re-homing/recycling/trashing before it enters my house. Monday I had a site visit to Halsey to start figuring how the big installation will move from the garage attic to the pristine walls behind the city council desk.


If you recall, the piece originally fit on a 20ft wall span. Now, it will have the two end panels living on the short side walls  and the small squares and the center panel will take up the space behind the mayors seat (about a 16ft wall span).  The strong shadows will not be part of the interior flavor, but oh well. Guess you can’t have everything. Plus the work will only stick out from the wall about 2 inches, so a change of hardware will be required. Another thing to figure out over the next several weeks.


The other odd ball thing in the mix is a couple of dog wall murals at a training center about 6 miles from home. Sometime in September I’ll wander over to have a good discussion with my friend. A very interesting design challenge to figure out.

sharons training centerSharons training center1sharons training center2sharons training center3

And then there’s the big wedding on Saturday for my niece. We’re so happy for her!kirsten n gale

More craziness to come!




August 13, 2018

I have been swamped with quite a variety of things since posting back in June: kitten time, health issues, home challenges, and to top it off the upcoming sale of our family’s coastal home in September. The book progress has been at a standstill as I attempt to get through theses different tasks. I’m horrible at multitasking. If the energy isn’t there for art, I don’t seem to be able to pull it together like I used to. Maybe it’s due to the drug combinations and stress levels. Anyway, I’m glad to report some progress on Rebecca’s book.

I find it difficult to capture what I’m seeing in my brain, combined with long breaks, and a cohesive piece isn’t quite emerging yet. By the end of this week, I hope to finish. Famous last words uttered weekly over the past several months! Don’t hold your breath or you’ll turn blue!

On a side note, the kittens just passed the 5 month mark. Both are already in estrus. Spaying at the end of August . Oh, how time moves quickly and yet so slow.

Watercolor, colored pencils, micron pen, pencil.

Kittens on the brain

May 4, 2018

I think it’s official. Two sisters will be joining our house in a month!shadow


Que the ohhhs and awwwws! Can they be any cuter? The whole litter is beautiful and not a single one looks like their mother, which was kind of sad because I adore tuxedo kitties.

Current names are Shadow and Smoke, but those will change once we learn who they really are. Guess I won’t be able to use Humphrey on this batch. That name is waiting for an orange tabby….

Kitten proofing the house has begun. The terror of two …. I think I need my brain examined!

Have a great weekend!



Backyard Wildlife Book

May 2, 2018

Backyard Wildlife Cover_geverettstudio2018

Backyard Wildlife Cover_page_geverettstudio2018

Backyard Wildlife Page_geverettstudio2018

Today, the start of my book titled “Backyard Wildlife” was packed up and sent to Minnesota for the next addition of artwork! Horray!!!!

Concertina Book Collaboration 2018!

Background: The group was formed through blogging. (Yes, there really can be some cool connections made through blogs!) The first book collaboration started in 2015. It included 4 artists (2 from Australia, 2 from USA). Each artist started their own book, filling a page spread and a bit more. After adding art, it was forwarded to the next group member, where they would add a page spread, until everyone had completed work in each books.

2018: The participants total 5 this year! The additional artist lives in Sweden and we all love her work! We agreed to create a specific sized Concertina Book for this round. 10 pages in each book (210 x 150 mm) to make 5 spreads, one for each participant.

About my book, Backyard Wildlife: The paper used was Arches 300gm watercolor. All images were started in pencil then watercolor, colored pencil, and micron pens. The book cover was created using the same watercolor paper, a hand carved block stamp, archival ink and lots of watercolor. The subjects reflect a small selection of wildlife seen from March through April in my backyard. We have almost daily visits from numerous Black-tailed Deer in the far back, including several bucks of different ages and pregnant does with last year’s fawns still hanging around. At the bird feeder, Black-capped Chickadee’s take advantage of everything we offer. Audubon’s Yellow-Rumped Warbler especially loved the suet during winter months and were sighted often until the end of April. Dandelions are an early blooming plant that draws the native bumble bees. Cotton tailed bunnies are year round residents.

I already have the second book resting above my worktable waiting for attention. This one arrived from Sweden the other week. I promised myself I wouldn’t open it until Backyard Wildlife left the house. Well, I kinda held true to that thought! I couldn’t stand it anymore and opened it on Monday. Oh, it’s so BEAUTIFUL! My brain is already running around ideas, thinking about what to include.

The other participants are


Anna Warren:  BlogAnna Warren Portfolio

Karen Bailey: Instagram: karenbaileystudio  WebsiteKaren Bailey Studio


Rebecca Cary Anderson: Instagram: thepaintedpearart  Website:  The Painted Pear   


Cathe Jacobi: BlogAmaryllis Log

Gale Everett: You currently are at my blog. Website: Gale Everett Studio

Please feel free to click on their blog titles to see what they are creating! I’m not on Instagram and haven’t a clue how to direct people, but look for Karen, Rebecca, and Cathe there. 

Still not finished…

April 25, 2018

next stage_geverettstudio2018

After several weeks of illness, I’m finally cracking on with the book. A deer appeared in the upper left section because I’ve been seeing quite a few grazing in the far back. The does are still pregnant, last years fawns still lingering, and bucks are just sprouting antlers (more like fuzzy nobs at this stage). Everything is green right now. Not just green, but 21 shades of green! And it changes daily. We also have an enormous amounts of pollen flowing  through the air. This of course means the start of itchy eyes and running noses. The joys of spring!

At least the temperature have reached 80F over the past 3 days. Warmth floods the house through open windows & doors. It’s been a long time since fall! Moby and Hazel have enjoyed the freedom to the open yard. The cat has decided that living with dogs wasn’t to her liking. She has moved to her summer house, aka the garage. Maybe we really will have room for two kittens in 6 weeks!

More work tomorrow unless something else pops up!

Arches paper, watercolor, colored pencil, micron pens

210 x 300 cm

Two birds with color

April 10, 2018


Household illnesses have certainly slowed down studio time. Monday I jumped in on the warbler, popping blues and yellow in WC, then topping with colored pencil and micron pen. Monday night was critique group meeting and I actually had something to share!  Today I started adding touches to the Chickadee. The slow progress is partly due to my hesitation with the tools. I feel clumsy and uncertain of what I’m really trying to capture, not like it really matters since this book is all about fun. But it matters in my brain. I know the warbler is out of proportion in several areas and that disturbs me. Fortunately the Chickadee is still looking ok and should look better once I tackle the legs, feet and tail section. The act of drawing creates an instant hesitation towards creating in my brain. It’s never been comfortable. Yet, if I don’t do something there’s a loss between hand & brain. Right now I feel lost between those two areas. Practice will rebuild that bridge. Thank goodness for my art friends wanting to create new collaborations!

One question that popped up in the Monday night meeting was ” Is this going to become a book others could purchase?”.  I will certainly show the group my completed book and the others along the way. Printing it for others has always been an interesting thought… Not sure how one would get a concertina book produced through an online book company. 🙂

The illness I had has morphed into something worse for Dave. He has been battling two evening of over 100 F temp! Yuck! Fingers crossed it won’t come back at me a second time!

Warbler work

April 5, 2018


Today I wasn’t feeling terribly well. Not sure if pollen is the problem, which there certainly is plenty floating around, or a virus. Coughing, low energy, almost missed my physical therapy appointment. So, I haven’t pushed forward with much drawing today.

What I did accomplish was changing the ugly wren start in the upper right corner to a frequent visitor to the suet cage:  Audubon’s Yellow Rumped Warbler. Without any color, it’s hard to tell. The Red Headed Sapsucker in the upper left corner still needs work. Once everything looks set in pencil, I’ll move to watercolor and colored pencil.

I’m actually finding it quite satisfying to work on wildlife images. With all my years of watching birds, I’ve not really attempted drawing any (except a pelican). Maybe they’re a new muse? Time will tell.