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More Seedpod work

January 29, 2019

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The end of January is quickly approaching and more progress is happening on Anna’s page. I hadn’t actually read through the introduction page since opening the package…..and WOW, I’m so horribly off topic from what it was supposed to be. Edible Plants! Eat Me is the title! What happened in my brain??! These are seriously NON EDIBLE examples of flowering plants. Anna, my deepest apologies for screwing up this page and making it almost a year late in moving forward. Maybe some bug eats iris plants???? I need to do a little checking on google.

Anyway, the page is progressing with pencil, micron pen, water color and colored pencil.

hmmmm….. hoplia callipyge might be my answer. Yes, a bug that loves eating this plant! 🙂


And a bit more

January 22, 2019

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It’s Monday in my brain, but Tuesday according to the calendar. That’s what happens on extended holiday weekends! I spent a few hours puzzling on the drawing more with pencil and micron pen. Then I couldn’t wait to drop a touch of watercolor onto the stark page.

The dogs are rattling the door wanting a walk during the current rain break. Tamale wrappers are needing a good soak then stuffing with masa and pork for dinner. Plus a trip into Corvallis to pick up Moby meds before pharmacy close. Time to shuffle out the door! Maybe more drawing tomorrow.



slow development

January 18, 2019

iris start_1

A new year and I’m finally pushing forward with completing the much delayed book stack. This is the third rendition for Anna’s book. I won’t mention what the other two subjects were because the season is long gone. Since winter is here, I only have dried iris pods hanging around the back yard that spoke to my brain. There seems to be an overall fear of drawing that has blanketed these past many months. Not sure where or why it developed, but it needs breaking. Today was a designated drawing day (I wrote it down on my calendar to hold myself accountable.) It may be a slow process, but by posting a photo I hope to keep it progressing to completion by months end. The other two books remain packaged up on the shelves above the drawing table. Tucked away from marauding kittens and desperate dogs.

More pencil work to come before adding watercolor and colored pencils.


Welcome 2019!

January 3, 2019

Good bye 2018! Hello 2019!


Benton County Courthouse, Corvallis, OR December 21, 2018

You already look like a year poised on art potential! You’re a clean slate, a brand new sketchbook waiting for pages to be filled, a fresh box of sharp crayons (cause who didn’t love opening a new box with their sharp unblemished tips and colors!) Fingers crossed with keeping the positive energy flowing.

Last night I attended the first dog class of the year. The training center is only 12 minutes from home! Hazel, the terrier, had been in training for Scentwork since adoption 3 years ago. However, she decided 2018 wasn’t the “Year of Hazel” and took a major training break. Stepping back into the ring my expectations weren’t high.  Will she remember how the game is played? Heck YES! Rather than the aloof attitude presented a year ago, she was spot on! She sourced all hides and exhibited a great attitude. Ok, she also had some pretty sweet treats: cheddar cheese and a chopped up homemade pork tamale from New Year’s Eve. So what does dog training have to do with artwork? Indoor Dog Murals! The concept was floated out there last summer but I couldn’t commit to the process until after the Halsey piece was delivered and installed.  After class I finally started talking with Sharon about some of her thoughts and hopes for the space. There are numerous walls and 3 fabulous columns that could possibly receive dog related art. It felt great to be back in the pack of dog loving friends.

So the studio door is back open and I’m looking forward to some serious artistic challenges plus great play moving forward in 2019! Finishing off the collaboration books (started last year) is front and center on the design table. Time to pull out the colored pencils and get to work!

May 2019 bring you many moments of happiness and love. Plus lots of art!


Feeling chuffed

November 29, 2018

It’s official! I have art on permanent public display in the council chambers of Halsey Oregon. Wow, I just can’t believe it’s really there and installed, plus giving the space a more dramatic sense. The photos are from Hilary Norton, City of Halsey administrator/recorder. The work was installed yesterday.

I’ll hopefully head down next week for photos and a paint check.

Wow, it couldn’t have found a better home. Those blank walls needed art!


Thinking South

November 27, 2018


I’m having a hard time figuring out what to focus energy on today. So many things are jumping through my brain. The dogs, amazingly enough, have already been walked (we had a break in the rain). Cats have received a fair amount of attention. There are several errands to run, groceries &  laundry. I have ideas about a simple holiday card, but don’t know how I want to tackle it. Draw it then have another company print it? Print them myself? I also have a holiday tree idea that requires power tools and time in the garage. Then there’s the drawing started for Anna’s book (it actually received attention yesterday!), plus Karen and Cathe’s books waiting for drawings as well. I also have these thoughts of getting product back on the Etsy site. Maybe someone would want a print for the holiday? Or kitchen tea towels? That takes a lot of additional energy to produce photos and everything (the product is completed and just waiting for marketing.)

The big thing that stirred the brain was thinking about moving to Chile. Yes, the country! The current company my husband works for has been shifting into unstable waters. Rather than waiting for the end or a forced move to the Seattle area, ideas are starting to be tossed around about other work options: going to work for current customers or becoming a consultant. One company has been actively reminding him about coming to work for them in southern Chile. It’s certainly an amazing country… fjords, lots of coastline, volcanoes, the end of the world…  Tasmania would be another nice option too if his contacts there said they wanted him.

Time to return to reality and get something done! Errands and back to the studio for work.




Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

November 18, 2018

On my last day in Bend, I took the boys out to Sparks Lake along the Cascades Lakes Highway. We walked along part of the lake, watched people toss huge rocks out onto the ice.

I’m back home. Dogs and cats are super happy that I’m home.

It was an amazing experience and I hope to see the boys again, but I’m not sure it will happen. Home is a good place to be.

A side note. The pass was totally clear and the drive home was beautiful. Couldn’t ask for a better day!