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Pickles and Sheep

April 2, 2020

Gail Order_geverettstudio

The final order of Sheep Laundry Balls!! This batch is going to my neighbor Gail to gift to her amazing sisters in Portland. One wash/dry and out the door by Saturday! Ready in time for Easter.

Nothing super crazy on the food end of life right now. I refreshed my pickle solution with some new veg: Carrots, radishes, cabbage and a red chili.  Should be good tomorrow for lunch.


Yesterday I started feeling back to normal after my bi-weekly injection of new medications. I need to have a chat with my doctor to see if the exhaustion tied to the meds is going to go away or if I need to stop. Oh, the joys of new medications that zap one’s immune system during a pandemic. Hopefully will find out more tomorrow.

Bunny armatures are finally started and waiting for their first round of core wool! Super excited to be doing another fun project!!

Have a great day tomorrow and stay safe out there!


Making it work

March 31, 2020



yellow wool2_geverettstudioyellow wool_geverettstudio

When shops are closed due to the pandemic, how do you create a specific project without the supplies? If you have the right base materials, you make it! Today I spent it using the drum carder to blend up some pretty yummy yellows. I think I’m happy for now!

I know at some point soon my friends will be shearing their sheep. Will I jump on the wool? How expensive will it be? Is this really the side line I want to take?  Probably shouldn’t be worried about this right now, but it’s on the brain.

Enjoy the cheery yellow!


Yellow Ocher

March 29, 2020

There’s always something in the works at our house!

dye basket

soaking wool

When you can’t order what you want, make it yourself!

Sunday I decided to make my own yellow wool for chicks, ducks, and bumblebees. The process is pretty straight forward. Have 100 grams of wool. Take 6 cups of cold water plus 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and plunk it all in a pot. I actually used more water than 6 cups, but kept the same ratio going. Soak wool in the pot of water/vinegar for 30 min plus. Slowly start to heat the water to almost a simmer. You don’t want to get things boiling! Add your dye mixture that you prepared on the side. Make sure the color gets well distributed. Key thing to remember is that agitation equals felting, and we don’t want that!

mixing dye_geverettstudio

concentrated yellow ocher

Keep on the heat until all the dye is absorbed into the wool (the water should be virtually clear). This can take a while depending on temperature etc. I check things every 10 min.

Once done, cool, rinse with cold water and wash out with soap. Gently squeeze out excess water and lay out to dry. I use wire shelf racks over the tub.

two batches of wool

I did two batches today using the same color but with different concentrations and states of wool. First was the higher concentration on uncarded wool. Second batch was roving I had created but used a lower concentration. The roving dyed unevenly, but might blend out well in the end. The first batch might go towards creating ducks? Or carded up for spinning. Probably not a good chick color! Time will tell.

It will take a few days for everything to dry. I’ll be shifting it around the house to take advantage of warm zones on Monday.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Peep, Cluck and Baaa

March 27, 2020



We made it through week 2 of Stay-at-Home/ Pandemic time! Creative energy took a different shift yet again. I can blame the online-felt-along: Chicks. Creating birds is completely new to me, especially with their thin legs and crazy feet. This challenge helped me grasp wrapping bird feet and setting up a wax station to keep the toes covered. Who knew all the variations for getting things to stick on wire! The above chick is getting closer to completion. She still has more “feathering”, tweaking and cheeping to go. The first one is always the strangest in a learning series. Plus I don’t have the right colors or fibers. Oh well. It’s going to be numerous weeks before certain suppliers can open again for business. So I’ll just have to make do with what I have. Maybe it’s time for another dye pot!!! I have Gold Ocher and Aztec Gold on the shelf! Should make something yummy. Or maybe I could use the Robins Egg blue in the stash for a Peep inspired chick! Hahahaha!!!

No food goodies created today since the cupboard is full of ginger scones!

Lamb love_geverettstudio

On the plus side of the week, the lamb balls are almost done! Above is the first batch of 8 that’s made it through the full process. Only 4 left to wash and dry! WooHoo! They could actually be sent out on Saturday!!! Get ready Becky! Your order is finally going to be heading your way without any disease included.

Hopefully this weekend will bring warmer weather for gardening. Come Monday, I’ll be back in the studio creating more fun stuff.

Thanks for checking in today!


Mmmmm scones…. and a puppy

March 26, 2020


Ginger scones, how I love thee… Yes, pandemic/stay-at-home baking continues today with candied ginger lemon scone. I product tested two straight from the oven (the small ones that won’t be missed), and they receive a double thumbs up! Maybe tonight’s walk will have to involve a bit more cardio activity!

Originally, I had planned to start another rabbit today, but was distracted with piles of stuff around the studio so a tidy-up session happened. That’s when I discovered a project purchased at Living Felt in Austin a year ago ( the sloth project was also rediscovered and maybe it will go into production next week). The happy dog has started, already with a few changes from the original design. Should be cute on completion!

pup head

At least we’re covered here at home with cute and tasty projects!

I guess there was a wall bed ordered to make room for Dave’s office. Not sure when that will arrive, but maybe a few weeks?  Time will tell!

Stay safe and healthy out there!



Angora-ish rabbit

March 25, 2020

outdoor angora3_geverettstudiooutdoor angora4_geverettstudioFelted Angora Rabbit: top viewFelted Angora Rabbit: back view


Yesterday I managed to finish off the rabbit and I’m pretty happy with this little guy. Still have plenty more to learn! I’ll start the next rendition tomorrow. Today I completed the faces for the final batch of lamb wool dryer balls. All they need now is a wash, dry, box up and off to Texas.  I came to the conclusion that creating dryer balls wasn’t worth the time and energy. There might be one more small order from my dear neighbor, but that’s it. Moving on to the sculpture world!

This bunny already has an interested party in Portland, but she’s willing to wait until I get a few more under my belt before selling. It certainly makes me feel happy to know that they will find homes.

I signed up a few months back for a pretty amazing workshop taught by scuptural felting artist Kiyoshi Mino, but that will probably be cancelled pretty quick! Oh well. So it goes in the time of Covid-19.

Thanks for checking in! More to come tomorrow!


rabbit created using core wool from my friend’s sheep, top coat using blended shetland and merino wool. Interior has a wire armature.

Little projects

March 24, 2020


In this time of pandemic, my husband and I stay home for work and life. He’s taken over the main space downstairs and I occupy my cluttered 10’x10′ room.  He’s fully connected to his co-workers in the Seattle area and gets to have a bit of social time online with them. Productivity seems to be increasing as he gets more comfortable with his new schedule.

The critters are still wondering what’s up with their humans being home all the time. The dogs wander around, wondering why we’re not taking them out walking at every opportunity. The cats do whatever they want, attacking me as I come upstairs for a tea break. Play time happens almost every hour! The cockatoo seems to get into screaming fits when Dave is on his morning conference calls. Oh the joys of a busy household.

I’m still trying to get used to the new work situation. Isolation is the norm for studio work, besides the critter company, and I feel stunted with another person in my space. A ceramics space has actually been created in the garage for when I REALLY need to get away from him and have quiet. Food seems to be on the brain constantly. Do we have enough so no one has to venture out? What amazing dish can I create to distract myself from the increasing numbers and stupidity from the orange nutcake in office? I’m certainly concerned for my extended family and friends who are elderly or have major medical problems. Just trying to keep calm and carry on with my work, enjoy life and everything I can get out to experience.

Yesterday we tried to retrieve our “fixed”car from the dealership 75 miles away. It was an impressive drive full of big dark clouds and sunshine on bright green landscape. Everything seemed wonderful. Unfortunately the car had other plans and will be staying longer. What was “fixed” wasn’t fixed. 3 hours of driving were just for distraction. Dave was a bit pissed since he had to take off so many hours of work.

Rabbits are taking the front stage for creative work right now. The above photo is my first attempt at a full body armature. It wasn’t quite right, but round 2 is possibly better. Lots of practice to get things right. I’ll post images tomorrow of the completed angora bun.

I hope everyone is staying home and keeping safe. Are you working on new projects? Creating a different living space? Eating more? I would love to hear.

Backyard Wildlife Book Collaboration

March 9, 2020

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two years ago I created a hand-made book full of blank pages for 4 other artists (plus myself) to fill in. The title was “Backyard Wildlife” and totally open for the other artists to interpret this idea. We all live in different parts of the world: Karen and Anna are in Australia, Rebecca in Sweden, Cathe and I are in in USA. We met through blogging and our love of creating art.

How this project worked: Each artist created their own book and sent it off to the next person. We all worked on a page spread in each other’s books. This particular session did not have a time limit (which was good and bad). Eventually the books make it through the full group and end up on the creators desk. I finally opened mine yesterday to a total surprise of beauty, humor, and love.

Anna, the skink made me laugh like crazy especially hearing how large they get! I love him! Thank You!

Rebecca, I was delighted by the flip out page! What a great neighborhood you live in! Oh, that grumpy terrier is a hoot! I’m so glad to learn more about your neighborhood and what Dexter gets to experience. Thank You!

Karen, I can just imagine the delicate clematis winding its way over the rusty trellis and little bird friends coming to pick at it. So Sweet!!! It makes me want to visit your garden! I think I need to add a clematis to my yard this season. Thank You!

Cathe, I adore the crab apple! I’m waiting for them to start blooming on my neighborhood walks. It always surprises me at the depth of pink they display. So beautiful! Maybe next month they will start blooming. Thank You!

A huge thanks to all four amazing women! I love you all for your time and dedication to this book!


Contributing Artists:

Anna Warren:

Cathe Jacobi: instagram:

Karen Bailey: Karen Bailey Studio

Rebecca Cary-Anderson: instagram: rebeccacaryandersonart

Gale Everett: Gale Everett Studio and this blog


Moby Head Completed!

March 8, 2020

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As I mentioned before, somewhere during this blogging experience, process is what drives me forward with any project. I find it amazing that laying down line after line, one can create an image that seems to work. Above is the full slideshow of Moby’s head from start to finish. Not all of my photos are super crisp, but you get the general idea.

This page was the final spread in my friend Cathe’s book. The journey started back in spring 2018 and is now completed after 5 artists placed pencil, pen, and watercolor to the pages of a hand-made book. The book has returned to Minnesota. I’ll be posting photos of my completed book this week. It was finally opened this morning and thoroughly enjoyed!!!

So, what’s next on the list of artistic ideas? Time will tell….

The Look

Isn’t He Done Yet?

March 4, 2020

The Look

Why do I keep picking at this image? It keeps festering on the drawingboard, receiving more marks in different areas, resolving questionable zones. I think I’m finally satisfied enough with his nose and the pencil is moving down into the muzzle zone. His chin hair is crazy! Do I really try to capture it or just tidy things up a bit? I think I’ll just tidy and resolve this flanks a bit more. Just make it read better!

Of course I said this image was going to be completed last Friday, but the week was a bit crazier than expected. This week too has been nutty due to hubby venturing into the COVID-19 hot zone of Seattle only to be pushed back home. The sister business he was visiting implemented a shut down due to an employee being exposed to the virus. Dave was sent packing back to Oregon. Quite a short trip for such a long drive.

The dogs are happy our household is back together. I didn’t even get the opportunity to enjoy his being gone. But the pup drawing is another step closer to moving back to Minnesota!

Resolve problems and let it go is today’s goal!

Tools used: graphite 6B lead and watercolor.