Slow drawing

Another week closer to the open studio tour and I’ve been working on drawings. I pulled out three incomplete images to finish. 1: black capped chickadee. 2: Ewe 183. 3: winter warbler.

Work In Progress: Black Capped Chickadee . Pyrography, colored pencils on plywood.

The Chickadee is similar to my first pyrography and colored pencils experiment. I think it will be lovely once completed.

Ewe 183 WIP. Graphite on paper.

Ewe 183: I started her back in 2021 and was daunted by the cropped in image. Originally I started working on it to fill a specific space over the upstairs closet door, but it really doesn’t fit. That’s okay because I really enjoy the image and want to see it through. The ewe belongs to my friends in Philomath and I have probably used her wool before. She has that good strong Roman nose of Cheviots. She’s still in process and I hope to finish her next week.

Townsends warbler WIP

I’ve pulled out the warbler pyrography again and hope to start working on it soon. I think it will be a great companion for the pair of chickadees. I’m also hoping to start a charcoal drawing, round 2, of the black headed heron on better paper. Birds and sheep seem to be a thing right now.

Woolly Pumpkins 🎃 created from hand dyed wool.

I dropped off mice and pumpkins at the Vintage Roost! The sale starts September 16-24th, Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Fingers crossed for a few sales. Not sure what extra special things I’ll bring in for the second weekend.

Creating single ply with North County Chevoit cross wool.

Skeins of hand-spun wool also might be dropped off at Vintage Roost… but I’m not sure. I might hold on to them until POST. Time will tell…

So, that’s the progress for the week. 6 weeks until Open Studio Tour! I really need to sit down and figure out what I’m actually bringing to the event. Prints and cards need time to order. Framing also takes time. Everything takes loads of time. Plus lots of deep breaths to keep from getting freaked out by deadlines. It will all come together. More hot weather for the next few days then autumn sets in! The deck is beautiful and railings are starting this weekend.

The beautiful new deck!

Thanks for checking in on the progress. I have no clue what next week will bring. Hopefully something positive! Have a good weekend and enjoy the weather!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Slow drawing

  1. The deck looks so good, congratulations on that being done. Just reading all that is on your mind makes me “dizzy” or “dizzier”, breathe deep, and the amount that gets done is perfect. Love, Jean

    1. At least the decking is finally completed as of today ( we still had a row plus a narrow strip to install. ) We have had fire weather plus major smoke from fires near Eugene (Oakridge where Evelyn worked). Not ideal working conditions, but we’re hoping Sunday will be a better day!

      1. Things have cleared up a bit thanks to tropical storm Kay hitting California. We actually had rain last night. We are still in Moderate air quality. Another storm is expected next weekend. We haven’t had rain since June and it’s lovely to be in the 70’s again.

    1. Thanks Rosie ❤️. I’m so happy to have the deck back. I’ll be even more joyful when the stairs and railings are installed. Fingers crossed for getting it done before next weekend. 🤞

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