Pumpkin Carving

rogue pumpkin2

Life is just flying by and I can’t believe the week is almost over. Wednesday we had Round#2 of preview tours for the open studio event. Incredible weather and a fabulous group of artists, I couldn’t have asked for a better night out. If you don’t get the opportunity to see me this weekend, have no fear cause I’ll be back for 2014!

Dave is off on another adventure involving a 20 ft. U-Haul, car in tow, and a bunch of furniture. Add in some crazy weather and no idea where he’s going (well, the end destination is Chicago but there are an awful lot of roads to choose to get there!). Apparently the corridor from Texas to Illinois and east are receiving loads weather.  I’m so thankful we live in a boring section of the country!

I finally bit the bullet and started work on an official website. Domain purchased etc…. photos slowly uploading, trying to figure out how I really want it all displayed. Today I didn’t have as much time to work on it, nor on Friday. Maybe next week things might be up and running in a tentative state. I’ll keep you posted.

For Halloween night, I stayed home and pulled out my Niji carving set. The dogs really don’t do well with kiddos coming to the door, so I shut down all the lights to keep things calm. So with wine in hand, I tried my hand at carving a pumpkin with intention of popping in a 7 watt fluorescent bulb. What I ended up with was a dog. It’s based on a print titled “Blue Ball”. I’ve not yet figured out how to color the ball blue, but I still have a day before taking it along to Open Studio. My real hankering was to do a Douglas Squirrel. Glad I chose a familiar image. Working a curved surface is a bit different than a flat block. Maybe next year I can break down and give a different critter a try!

The pumpkin is safe in the fridge to keep it fresh for the weekend.

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!

Oh, I wish I was in Oaxaca right now…


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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