Stuffing with family

Thanksgiving is a time for family. We spent the afternoon with my oldest brother, his girlfriend, her son’s family, and one of the nephews. Hanging out with my oldest nephew. Is he really 29? The baby wasn’t ready to hang out with me yet (clinging to grandma), but by the end of the evening, weContinue reading “Stuffing with family”

Slogging & Release!

Another one bites the dust! That’s the problem with artwork, sometimes it just doesn’t survive critters or husband. The Oregon Rain vessel took a nose dive off the windowsill thanks to overly barkey dogs yesterday. Dave went to open the window to yell at them and the vase jumped. Maybe it’s a good thing. ItContinue reading “Slogging & Release!”

Red Hood

Today is my birthday and I decided to do something for ME! No estate items, bills, worrying about stuff that needs to be accomplished. It’s my day and I spent it working on a charcoal drawing I’ve wanted to do for years. Oh yes, it does involve a dog. Back in 2007, I took aContinue reading “Red Hood”


Sunday night I packed everything up from Judith’s studio and headed home. This last weekend was a mixed bag, a super busy Saturday but Sunday was a bit slower (ultra slow in sales). We had a great time talking with lots of people. I have to admit, chatting to people about my work is difficult.Continue reading “Unpacking”