Mom’s Heart: Day 13 & 14

Well, day 13 certainly was interesting.

I just got off the phone with Lee (and that would be his new cell phone) finding how yesterday went. Apparently he had an altercation with an 18 wheeler on I-5. It was coming onto I-5 and merged over to the far lane, which was occupied by my dad’s small truck. Fortunately Lee was able to slam on the breaks, not get hit by cars behind and all he lost was the passenger mirror (and a few years off his life from the scare!). The truck driver did stop and they exchanged insurance information. He said he was a tad leery heading off on the road this morning. He felt lucky not to have been munched beneath the undercarriage.

Mike & Shannon’s report from day 13 was good and bad. Evelyn certainly was much more herself on their visit. The doctor had stopped the feeding tube (but it’s not removed) in an effort to speed things along. Evelyn’s mouth is worse and she still isn’t consuming hardly anything. Fruit juice and that’s about it folks! How is a body supposed to heal if you can’t consume anything? And speeding things along with Evelyn? Not something one can do!!! She just doesn’t do that! Mike had mentioned the speech therapist was going to bat for her, trying to get the hospital to keep her for another day or two so her mouth problem could be addressed. Lee’s report this morning looks like she will be shifted to the rehabilitation facility at 1pm today. Dr Mean wants her out!

Maybe it will all be a good thing….

Think I’ll sit tight and wait for the outcome!

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2 thoughts on “Mom’s Heart: Day 13 & 14

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Take Evelyn some canned pumpkin. It’s easy to digest, helps the bowels move, and tastes good. It has a nice consistency and I like it both hot and cold. You can use the plain or the ‘ready for pie’ canned pumpkin. I gave this hint to a friend after surgery and she still ‘loves me’.
    I’d love my oxygen level to get that high. I clap when it gets to 91%. Sleeping with oxygen at night is supposed to be helping me. All I’ve noticed is I’m tired and grumpy. I do have periods when I sleep 4 hours. That feels good.
    It’s always the little things that make you feel good. I just watched a goldfinch ‘twirl’ around a sunflower branch enjoying ants and seeds. Nature is lovely.
    Keeping only good thoughts coming your way. Hugs to all.
    The Zonies – Marilyn and Ron Maines

    1. Pumpkin is wonderful stuff for people and pets. Unfortunately it falls under the “too thick” category. She can’t even handle swallowing Ensure. Have yet to see thickness of the pectin goop. I’ll take a can by for kicks! Who knows… Thanks for your suggestions!

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