Finding my Footing

Black-headed Heron Work in Process

What happens after a big project ends?

This is probably the time I dislike the most, the time when you’re not certain what path to take. Where should I go next? What should I focus on? I’m pretty sure loads of people love that open option, but I struggle with being confronted with an open box of everything. So, I’m trying to regain my footing. My body is gaining an equilibrium again. An upcoming workshop has been canceled. The slate is clean for the moment. What do I want to do? Maybe another print after dabbling in some large scale drawings. Maybe ceramics…. again, there’s so many options. But I’m staying on the African wildlife theme.

The Black-headed Heron is a native of sub Saharan Africa. I first noticed them at The Hunters Lodge in Kiboko Kenya. They are an abundant species and stand tall at 85cm. I started a drawing on white butcher paper and charcoal so as to not feel necessarily attached to the image or materials. I’m trying to figure out scale and proportions of this bird on a larger than life size. I currently see multiple problems that can’t be resolved on this paper, but maybe I’ll pull out the giant roll of Rives BFK. I certainly have plenty of paper to work with!

So, dear readers, you will be seeing more drawings of wildlife from Africa. Maybe more large prints as well. I’m not ready to totally commit myself to that yet, but the drawings feel possible.

Thanks for checking in!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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