July with Family and stuff

Uncle Harold’s 90th birthday was celebrated at the beginning of July. His sons and grandchildren, nieces and nephew gathered for a nice lunch in Eugene. It’s been about 8 years since we last visited.

Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Harold
The Cousins with their dad

July is racing along and there are so many projects on the tables.

Alpaca Fleece

House projects are getting thick and heavy. Lumber arrives later this week to replace our ancient deck (yes, we are doing the job). I’m rushing to get a giant pile of wood chips moved to the back yard before the lumber arrives. The downstairs main space finally has a finished ceiling and walls painted. The only remaining things needed are trim for doors and floor. With multiple house projects raging , I received a special gift of 3 alpaca fleece from a neighbor. Now I’m learning how different alpaca is to clean and process. I also have a moth outbreak in the studio. Loads of creations are now living in the freezer for 2 weeks. No new moths have surfaced, so hopefully I caught it in time. That’s the danger of working in wool.

We have another world book project starting off this month too. I’ve not been able to even get to my paper stash to get started, but hopefully sooner than later. There’s also another thing I might submit for: creating an award for the local county philanthropic group. Reading through the requirements, I’m not feeling as interested due to the small size. But I might just throw my idea into the applicants and see what they think.

So that’s what is happening around here. Eventually I’ll show you photos of everything: ceramics, wool, completed downstairs… new deck…. I’m feeling tired all of a sudden.

Take care! Stay safe out there!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “July with Family and stuff

    1. Too funny! I’m having insomnia issues right now partly to blame are the cats who insist on food at 4am. Then I’m awake. Automatic feeder comes tomorrow!

  1. I’m so behind on reading blogs! I know you have completed a lot that you mention in this post. I had to laugh at your comment above, my dogs wake me up at 4am too. They eat and go back to sleep while my brain roams!

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