Crotchety and morphine

So I finally headed to Eugene under cloudy skies with sun breaks around 11am. The drive was beautiful, fields emerald green under bright bursts of sunshine, 5 eagles, no rain and traffic not to busy. If I had left earlier I probably would have seen her longer than 5 minutes. However today’s nurse Ken had just administered a shot of morphine to ease more pain. She listened to Zac’s sweet note but I couldn’t see her reaction due to the fact I was reading it. Rather than bringing along a book, I took artwork. This actually brought about a favorable response. She was situated on her left side in order to give her tailbone a break. So I held the color print of the dancing dungeness crabs at an angle for her to see. The blues and greens of the print are colors she approves of and she actually seemed to like looking at it. The next image I pulled out was the start of the coastal tree print. I just copied off the tree photo onto white paper, nothing fancy. She seemed to approve of it too and I told her that I would bring the proof on tomorrows visit. Guess I have an art project to work on tonight. She got crotchety and kicked Kim and I out. Kind of like the Evelyn we know all too well!

She did look a tad better today than yesterday afternoon, but her vitals are not improving. She is weaker today, unable to swallow or lift her arm to use the “sucky stick”. Ken tried offering her ice chips, but she couldn’t even handle that. Dr Amean took her off quite a few medications and boosted one to help produce red blood cells (Hummm, Marilyn!). Can’t for the life of me remember what the medication was called. She was also receiving more platelets and her feeding tube was pumping Nestle’s finest into her intestines. Or is it Hershey’s? Anyway, one of the major chocolate producers. Ironic since she hates chocolate. I digress. I would have loved to run into Dr Amean to REALLY find out what showed in her bone marrow. The word on the street is “nothing” so what the heck? Is she just an enigma wrapped in a conundrum? Will we ever find out? There are two hematologist working her case, plus countless other specialists in a variety of fields. Stay tuned for another installment of  “As the ICU Turns”, probably happening on a computer near you during the late evening. I have a 1-3pm meeting tomorrow with an arts marketing group and a print to get done ASAP.

By the way, if  anyone becomes interested in the said print and want an original when it’s completed, just drop me a line. I’ll probably take some images to post at a later time so you know what its like. Might not be your taste at all. Print dimensions will be 5″x7″, oil-based ink and probably watercolors over the top.  email me at :

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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