Sunsets and a new year

2014 january2sunset

Happy New Year! I’ve managed to spend the last couple of days in bed ill. Not may favorite way to start a new year. On Thursday night we had one of the most spectacular sunsets. Very interesting cloud formations with gold, pinks, oranges and violets extending over the valley. Stunning!

The new year started with a “to do” list for art. One of the first things accomplished was dropping off 3 block prints to a show in Corvallis.  My friend Julia Lont of Blue Camas Press organizes the event yearly in conjunction with her church. It’s an easy show to do when my flat file drawers are stuffed with framed images.

Sculpture: I’ve started gathering materials for the internal frame of a large “spider/worm hole” sculpture. December was the garage cleaning month and I discovered several piles of deconstructed projects that contained plenty of long boards with paint. Recycling wood is always a great way to go, especially when they are never seen! The reclaimed wood was actually from a sculpture project during university. It was a really cool and highly fragile piece influenced by Andy Goldsworthy, one of my favorite artists.  The spider hole piece needs to be completed and photographed by March 1. Show entry deadline is on March 10. I think I can  manage that!

Sculpture 2: The community open will be coming up soon so I’ll be whipping up a little piece for the event. Actually, it will be a recycled project with a major face lift and lighting change. The piece was originally created during an advanced 3D class at university but had never been viewed outside that venue. Then it broke in numerous areas after the grading. I continued to hold onto the main frame, thinking I would eventually rework the piece. Now is the time to give it a second life.  Thank goodness for clearing out the garage. It’s opened up many more possibilities to come!

Ceramics: I have to start getting serious on a project I committed to back in 2011. The project involves transferring my forest series block prints to 10-12 ceramic tiles. I’m finally going to jump into the decal transfer world of ceramics! The tiles are for my brother Mike’s kitchen. I might have to create a few more print images, but we shall see. One thing’s for certain, I’m not going to be installing them!

Website: My goal is to have the site up and running by the end of this weekend. It’s been languishing for months as my energy has been placed elsewhere. Photos have to be reformatted and tweaked, some sort of artist statement/bio needs creating, but that’s about it. Hopefully by Monday morning, it will be running! I’ll keep ya posted.

Hope you all are having a great start to the new year!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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