Pre-tour fun!

1888919_10152780846683118_1767911919440101594_oCynthia Spencer Photo

We all had a blast last night visiting the first half of studios on the Philomath Open Studios pre-tour. Thursday night will cover the second half of studios.  I ended up snagging a few images from my friend Cynthia Spencer who was smart enough to be taking photos along the way plus others taken by Mike Bergen and a few by me. Below: Judith Sander and I checking out Rhoda Fleischman’s beautiful ceramic work (with Kate McGee’s incredible pastels behind us). Makes me want to dip my toes back into the world of mud! Rhoda is the guest at Kate McGee’s studio. I wanted to purchase one of Kate’s works, but my friend Debby snagged it before me. You have to be quick with other artists around!

10733909_10152780845678118_7546058387095835639_oCynthia Spencer Photo or was it Mike Bergen?

We love our potters in the area! This is Jeff Gunn sitting at his wheel. Both he and his wife, Sara Morrissey, are part of this year’s tour.  Sara creates incredible fused glass sculptures, bowls and jewelry. I kick myself for not taking the check book last night!!!

1961712_274505929340096_1435430281310172590_o Mike Bergen Photo

At Lee Kitzman’s Studio. Lee talking about some of his recent colors while sitting at his wheel.

IMG_20141021_171858_398 (1)

How many artist’s can fit in one space? Quite a few! This is still at Lee Kitzman’s studio.


Judi’s studio and my home for the next two weekends!

1618314_274505862673436_3159514180186583520_oMike Bergen Photo

Staying out of the way as everyone moves through.  Judi’s work is filled with so much depth and layering. A must see up close!

1966104_274505882673434_2966192200618554231_oMike Bergen photo

Cynthia’s bowls,  mugs and canister. Will I be able to refrain from taking some home? Probably not!


My  crazy corner filled with prints and lamps. The dog print mug order should arrive before the weekend start!


If you venture out, make sure you bring your umbrella and rain gear. It’s expected to be rather damp this weekend!


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