Eclipse and Smoke 2017

I’m back after a 4+ month break from blogging. It’s been a busy summer for things around the house, but nothing on the art front.

August Eclipse photos below:

Eclipse party
Hanging out in the driveway for the eclipse viewing. Left to Right: Kim, Dave, neighbor/friend Gail, Jeff
Eclipse excitement-2
Safety glasses on and enjoying the show pre-totality. Kim, Gail, Jeff, Gale & Me Me.
Eclipse crescents
Crescent shadows appeared everywhere!
meme and crescents-2
Me Me with the crescent shadows
eclipse totality
without filters, totality didn’t look spectacular on camera, but it certainly went dark!

August: We had a spectacular viewing of the Eclipse in Oregon. I never quite grasped how amazing totality could be until actually being in the direct path. The weather even cooperated!  State and local officials were totally geared up for absolute disaster. They expected the roads to be full of people, gas and food shortages, everything sold out for those in the pathway, but that only happened in a few areas. Those who traveled to Madras/Prineville were certainly greeted with long lines, no gas or food available. Here in the valley some places briefly ran out of gas on Thursday, but the roads remained open and free from mass congestion. The real traffic snafu took place after the event. I-5 was a mess. Even the smaller highways were congested. Two family members who traveled to Albany on Sunday took almost twice as long to get home, 2 hours rather than 1 hour (50 miles south).


looking south from our back deck

September: Wildfires are the main topic in Oregon. This morning the Eagle Creek fire (man made) jumped the Columbia Gorge (via embers) and touched off the Washington State side. Portland and the Willamette Valley are under a blanket of thick smoke. Ash is falling in the Portland area. At my home we have air pollution in the unhealthy/hazardous zone. I’m scheduling life indoors with air conditioner/cleaner for the next several days (similar to the past numerous days and weeks). I look out the studio window and see smoke everywhere. Breathing outside is similar to being caught in a campfire smoke plume, but one you can’t escape. I really feel bad for all the fire crews and property owners caught in the fire paths,  not to mention the wildlife and environmental damage that’s occurring. Yes, wildfires are part of the game plan here in the Pacific Northwest. Many tree species wouldn’t exist without the high temperatures of fire to open cones. It clears away brush and allows for new growth of everything. However, this season is more harsh than ever.  The last significant rain was way back in June.

looking east into the smokey haze

It will be interesting to see how the next several days go. Will mother nature settle down and allow for containment of more fires? Will the rain come as expected on Thursday?  Will it help or hinder the situation? I’ll try to get back into a regular schedule for posting and possible art ideas emerging.

Happy September to you all. Be safe out there!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Eclipse and Smoke 2017

  1. Thanks for the update. Hoping for clearing skies. Especially for those who are so sensitive to this eerie smog. Seeing a red sun in the morning was especially disconcerting. Climate change, global warming. What will it take to make everyone react?

  2. Seeing the eclipse must have been a great experience, a real once in a lifetime event! Such interesting shadows you got. I hope the fires are gradually being controlled – we have recently been engulfed in smoke, but from controlled back burning rather than out-of-contol bushfire. Summer is still ahead of us! Looking forward to seeing how your art ideas are progressing!

      1. We are seeing California on the news here – it looks horrendous. We all feel so much for those poor people. So many dramatic natural events this year. We have just had the driest September on record, hottest day in spring, on it goes. And we have an idiotic politician going around the world denying climate change. Sigh.

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