Swamped with Home Improvements: September 6-12

After coming off the long Labor day weekend I kept working on the current house project of revamping the front door wall. Our weather is still good, but rain is actually looming later in the week. Below are a few images of the progress from start to end on the 12th. We still have the upper section of planking to finish but it will have to wait until next weekend. One downfall to the project was Mr Moby. His loud noise anxiety kicked in due to the compressor and nail gun operation. He spent almost all Sunday in the back garden. Poor guy!

Sunday progress

Thursday I did step into the art world for a bit with disastrous effects on my hands. So it goes with psoriatic arthritis. The bummer part was that Friday is a standing spinning date with a wonderful group of women. I’ve only managed to make it one week this summer. The group is planning on a natural dye workshop and I had really hoped to join the fun. Hopefully they don’t think I’m a total looser. Maybe this new week will be the one! Anyway, what I played with was felting pumpkin shapes using the shockingly orange dyed wool from a few weeks back. I managed to create 5 forms in one day and sold three to a neighbor (who wants a few more too!). What I need to do is gather together my winter stock levels and see what can go to a seasonal shop in the coming months.

One other thing of interest happened during the week. I was asked to come talk to a high school art class during Fall term. I just need to set up the month and I’m thinking early December.

Looking forward into the week I see several things happening. I might finally get a Covid third shot since the medications I’m on weakens my immune system. I’ve really debated on this one because I feel like everyone world wide needs more access to the vaccine, but I do want my body to be more able to handle possibly getting hit with the Delta variant or others down the road. I’ve read one small study that possibly shows people on Methotrexate doing alright with just the two vaccines (the study group was only 133 people). I’ve also been planning a family gathering to commemorate our mother’s birthday, but that’s also not fully together because of Delta. Infection rates have been higher in the county we would be gathering at and people would be coming down from Portland/Seattle to Eugene. More family discussion to come.

On with the new week!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Swamped with Home Improvements: September 6-12

    1. I’m scheduled for the jab tomorrow morning. It will be strange to receive it via the local pharmacy. The first two were given during the mass inoculation sites. I’ll probably have the same side effects and just expect a few down days. 👍

  1. Love the pumpkins! Get the vaccine, your one dose can help you continue to function and do the good things you do to help the world be brighter and happier through art.
    Dave is doing a great job, glad to see the window was covered over. Looking good. Jean

    1. I’m scheduled for dose #3 tomorrow morning. I’ll probably be out of commission for several days, but nothing major planned for this week so it should be good 👍
      Glad you like the pumpkins 🎃

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