Mom’s Heart: November 3rd

Kind of a bummer today for Evelyn. Last night her feeding tube blocked up. She was scheduled to see Dr B today, but Dr  B has the flu (H1N1?). So Evelyn and Lee spent the 7hrs+ at the emergency center having the tube removed and a new one inserted. Ouch! Evelyn really thought she was under anesthesia when they inserted the initial tube. We were all happy that she didn’t remember the ICU folks inserting the tube 3 times (she had the tendency to pull it out!). Anyway, no fun was had by either of them.



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2 thoughts on “Mom’s Heart: November 3rd

  1. Hi, I forgot which Dr. Dr B is, Evelyn told me but I didn’t make notes, wondering how critical it is for her to miss and she has someone else this week,doesn’t she? I can tell she gets tired easily, which leads to crankiness, I’m sure. I heard classical music helps with heart surgery healing. Jean

    1. Hi Aunt Jean!
      Dr. B is her primary physician. It was going to be a check on her swallowing and general stuff. She saw her last week too. One thing we all were hoping was that Dr B might tell Evelyn to just start eating. Seems like she won’t listen to family, but will listen to her physicians. Her other appointment is with Dr Ameen tomorrow at the Riverbend facility. He was her pulmonologist after surgery. Dr Tran is on the 11th?
      She did consume ice cream last friday and applesauce over the weekend. Everything seems to be working in her throat. Lee, Kim and I think she is just scared to start eating again. Maybe she will after receiving the new nose tube!
      Yes, by mid- afternoon she is cranky. I’ll pose the music question when I see her next.

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