Heart Sold

Last night was the closing bid for the “Shrines and Reliquary Show” at The Arts Center. It had been delayed due to bad weather on Saturday.The event started at 4pm with people slowly trickling in after work. Staff provided wine, cheese, crackers, chips & salsa, and a few cookies. I had a great visit with quite a few friends and pretty much expected to be purchasing my sculpture back.

The heart reliquary received active bidding on opening night and made it up to $160 by the start of the evening. The story became a bit more interesting when a woman started really looking the piece over, and I mean picking it up, turning it over, looking at it with the lid on & checking the battery area. In short a potential purchaser! Wait!! Panic!  Not someone I recognized in the arts community. Can I let the piece go to someone I don’t know???  Interestingly enough, she didn’t place a bid from what I could tell. Now enter potential purchaser #2. She went right over and upped the bid. Wow! Who is this person? She sort of looks familiar, someone in the arts community. Her number was #316 and had placed some of the earlier bids. She was determined to take the piece home. I was a bit reluctant to let go of this piece but once it went over $200 and I talked with her a bit, I released the heart.  Santuario del Corazon will now reside in Albany with people who really wanted it.

The piece engulfed a lot of my emotions and connection to my mother.  Letting go is healthy and I should practice this  more often with my work. Bidder #316 lost her father back in August, also grew up in Eugene, lives in Albany & is the same age as my brother Tom.  According to several friends she is an excellent painter.

The heart has found a new home.

Thinking of hearts & homes, Lee will be taking Evelyn walking this morning then head to Yachats to check the assisted living facility there. Maybe if she is back at the coast, more hope will return to my mothers heart and healing will proceed.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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