Japanese Exchange Show

January bring forth new art at home and abroad. Western Oregon University’s Dan & Gail Cannon Gallery of Art opened their new show Saitama {Japan} To You, exhibiting works by Shiroyuki Iwagami, Motohiro Kozawa, Masashi Takasuka, Tessei Yokoo and Masato Yoshioka.  According to Kim Hoffman, head of the art department, the show has been in planning for the past three years. Featuring around 20+ images, the art ranges from graphite sketching, human figure ink drawings to abstracts in color. Artist Motohiro Kozawa spent some time teaching painting at WOU as a visiting professor. It is his connection to the art department that brought about the show.

Gallery director Paula Booth did an excellent job hanging the show.

Show runs from January 6 – February 5th. Gallery hours are from 8am to 5pm.

If you’re in Japan you could see the sister show featuring work by WOU faculty. In mid February,  Kim Hoffman and Paul LaJeunesse will be heading to Japan for the show opening.

If you’re in Tokyo, the Mori Art Museum is featuring Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s sculpture from the past 15 years. I ran across the review in ArtNews magazine. Thought one person who reads this blog might make it up to the 53rd floor to see the show, if he has time.

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Exchange Show

  1. OK, so where is the Mori Art Museum? Wait, I think I found it. Hmm, I think I’ve been there before. If memory serves me, you can go out onto the roof of that building for a fantastic view of Tokyo. ‘Course, this time of year, you’ll freeze your ass off. But the air will be so clear, it’ll almost be worth it, especially at night.

    Is the other exhibition out in Saitama?

    1. I didn’t receive the full breakdown on location. Thought I would poke Mr Hoffman for more info. Something about a second show being in the “star” district? I’ll pass it along if I discover where.

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