5 drying

Heavy rain showers, sun breaks, hail & wind, we had it all today! George and I made our rounds through mushy fields at the park. I saw two red-tailed hawks and one eagle.

I managed to finish 5 pig gut covered wire “pillow” forms this morning and the house still reeks of it. Here they are in drying form:

It’s still challenging to take split intestines and spread them thinly over a wire surface and stay put. The process did speed up by the fifth one (and I almost ran out of gut).  Now I just wait for them to dry and shellac the surface (which should prove to be yet another learning experience). I’ve decided to use shellac to protect the gut for a longer life.

Actually started contemplating yet ANOTHER project. This one would be similar to the reliquary project but involve bees (thanks to a new Facebook friend). Several months back I found part of a large paper wasp nest up at the park. I’m thinking it could easily become window coverings for a shrine to bees. Plus I have fixings for another walnut box!  But wait! The oak leaves are calling to be made into a coat and the kinetic forms are needing attention and tree prints to make…. so many ideas and I don’t know which one to pick! Guess I need to keep moving with what’s on my plate.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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