A Summer without Sitka

For the past several summers I’ve taken to increasing my art knowledge through classes taught at Sitka Center for the Arts.The first summer was learning bookbinding skills (paper, paper, paper!). Last summer I zeroed in on paper in 3D and it struck a chord. It was an “Ah ha” moment with the light bulb turning on in my brain! Paper, light, form, structure & organic natural materials! This spring I enrolled in yet another paper class utilizing printmaking techniques and kite building. What else could I ask for? I thought it was going to be heaven. It took all of my interests and glued them into a 3 day workshop. A week at the coast without the dogs!  However, it was not to be. Friday I received a cancellation email from Sitka due to low enrollment and a change in one of the instructors plans. What a bummer! The positive part is that the money will be refunded, which can go towards the July project. Guess I’ll just keep moving forward with my own plans, keeping the focus on something I’m still learning rather than introducing a new piece to the puzzle. Plus I also want to start working on some ceramic sculptures for our yard. Art for the garden has yet to be tapped. Guess I need a garden to put the art… Wait, that’s yet another puzzle piece to muck up the works. Well, something will work out!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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