Sculpture finds a home!

Site specific installations. What do you do with them AFTER the show ends? Somehow, I never envisioned what to with the sculpture after our month finished. Initially I had thought about building it in sections to make it easier to pull apart, but the sections kind of grew together and were papered over. Now what do I do? Actually,I imagined just tearing it down because  “who would want this strange thing?” There is certainly NO room in my home for it, hence creating it in a different location. The Arts Center, unfortunately, doesn’t have the space for it either. However a friend chimed in during the closing reception saying “I would love to put it above our bed at home!” My little brain filed that one comment right up front in an easy access location! I also put out a plea on Facebook with photos to entice any others. Some excellent suggestions of having the cancer center/hospital or a coffee shop came up. Humm, these certainly caught my attention, but seemed like a lengthy process (and wondering about legal issues surrounding the lighting/fire hazard potential in a public space). So friend #1 has agreed (and her partner John too) to take on the branches! I also have friend#2 as a back up, ready to yank it from the wall and take it to her home. The nice perk about friend#1 is that she too is an artist and I will be able to trade for one of her incredible works! Oh boy, more glass for our house!!!!! Now that is something I have space for!

The move will take place on Monday evening and photos to come.

Thanks to the Arts Center for being accommodating and painting around the sculpture.  Hanging of the new show starts Monday morning.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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