Workshop? Is it this weekend?

Is it really Friday? I’m supposed to be heading to a workshop for the weekend and feel completely torn between staying to help my dad and doing something related to my work. Months ago I signed up for a weekend of Sitka fun. Drypoint intaglio printmaking with Tallmadge Doyle. I even have two friends participating! Oh, where is my brain?! I did manage to get paper ordered in time (but I’ve not checked the package… I had a dream they sent the wrong stuff two nights ago), the rest of the supply list is rummaging around the studio. Drawings! What the heck will I be doing for images?  Guess I’ll worry about that later today.

Lee still isn’t improving with his health. I talked with Tanya, one of the women who administer his chemo & who really likes Lee, and she urged me to get him scheduled for more fluids. So, that’s going to happen this morning at 10:45. Mike gets father duty today. Saturday will be a mix of nephew Bryant & my sister Kim… I think… I’m also going to connect with the dietician & family support person at the oncology unit today. Wish there was better news in the cancer world. Yesterday I kept popping small bits of protein bar, cheese and other tidbits into his mouth throughout the day. Then I would push the glass of juice into his hand and ask him to drink more. He did manage to consume 32 oz with this method of pushing. Not a great day.

Maybe I’ll locate my brain today before heading to the coast…. maybe….

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Workshop? Is it this weekend?

  1. It’s OK to not locate your brain. It’s OK to just go be in a different space and not take any expectations with you other than to show up. 🙂 I hope it is beautiful out there.

    1. If my dad gets admitted to the hospital today, I’ll be a little more relieved. Will his wallet turn up…. hmm, another mystery to solve today.

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