DFP Name change: Unseen Natives

This is my adventure into creating an art installation for the Art in Rural Storefronts project sponsored by The Arts Center of Corvallis. ARS serves regional audiences in Linn and Benton Counties by bringing innovative, thought- provoking art projects to rural communities that lack spaces dedicated to contemporary/non-commercial art.  Three artists  were chosen to participate.  The project is funded in part by the Oregon Arts Commission.

For the rest of this projects life it will be known as the Unseen Natives.

Saturday and Monday work consisted of creating squares and covering them with paper. Tedious. So far I’ve used up 150 feet of the 19 gauge wire and over 50 feet of 28 gauge. Tuesday had many interruptions so little was accomplished. Today is a bit scattered too.

Photos of what’s happening:

This is the center core of the piece. There will be 4 additional layers of hanging squares by completion.

Starting to shape paper inside squares needing curved features

A  close up:

A little more progress: the start of row hanging!

More to hang. Also more “S” hooks to create using 22g wire. Tedious work ahead (gosh, I think I said that already!). Glad I can get in a jog every morning to loosen up the brain and limbs.

With the speed I’m producing, only one full fish will be created. There are still eggs and background imagery to work through as well. This is why I’ve not submitted my full plans to Hester.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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