Bird in the Hand

kingletblockI’m back at it for day 2 of trying a new technique. This time around I’m using gold linoleum which certainly cuts differently than the battleship grey. Like yesterday, a dry point needle is the tool utilized and I’m and scratching with the flow of the work. The block is 6″x 6″.

kinglet block2

Block is inked lightly and then proofed using mulberry paper.

kinglet proof1Not a great impression, but it gives me a clue where I’m heading with the work. I could have just done all this work on a scratch board and skipped the whole printing process, but I guess that’s not me. The subject matter is a little Golden Crowned Kinglet that had a minor incident with our window this winter. I had to bring it inside for 20 min before releasing during our super cold-snap back in December. I knew back then he would turn into a print eventually. Hopefully the Sharp-Shinned Hawk will make it to paper too.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Bird in the Hand

    1. Thanks! Using only the dry point tool is driving me nuts and I’ll probably be pulling out carving tools to excavate my white zones. I’m having second thoughts about this process…. but I’ll keep plugging along.

      1. Not yet. I need to pull out the oil based ink and see what I have available. My ink might be dried up.

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