Saying NO, but moving forward anyway

beach sculpture1

Today has been odd.

This morning I wrote a quick note to the curator at the local art center stating I wouldn’t be submitting to this year’s Rural Storefront Art project. The submission deadline is today.  I had decided it would be in my best interest to refrain from entering due to all the craziness from my parents estate and current health issues. Seemed fairly straight forward to me. A good solid decision… but I was feeling like maybe I was cheating myself out of an opportunity. Advance 3 hours and I run across a Facebook posting stating the deadline had been extended to April 13. Hmmmm, let’s rethink this project. One house has sold and the next goes to market this weekend. My stress levels could drop quickly over the next few months decreasing body pain. I could put forward a project that seems fairly straight forward in execution, materials, and expense. Maybe the most recent idea I came up with this past weekend could have a chance. So, I’m moving forward. Letter of interest is in the works. Bio/Res requires attention. Photos are between 2 computers and will need tweaking to fit their size/dpi requirements. I can actually do it if I get off my lazy ass! This certainly doesn’t secure a spot for me, but at least I’m adding to the jurors pile to go through. Fingers crossed for this one!

The second interesting thing was also related to a different posting on Facebook. Apparently there is a new shop opening in Salem featuring Oregon artists. They apparently don’t have anyone who creates lighted work. Who knew? The organizer, Jennifer, will be sending me info.  Salem certainly gets plenty of visitors being the state capitol. What the heck! I might as well go for this too. Opportunities certainly come at strange times when you don’t expect them. After this week I should be able to squeeze in loads more time for luminarias! I might even get the ETSY site stocked again. I see upcoming freedom from giant family burdens coming my way!!

Oh, and my blood tests revealed I’m within normal healthy levels of everything. That should really stump my doctor! I’m just happy to know it’s not arthritis or any of the other unsavory things they were testing for.

The above photo was from my husband’s recent trip to China. Dameisha Beach park is in Shenzhen (near Hong Kong). He spent the majority of his trip in Beijing with a few days in Shenzhen. Maybe I’ll tag along this fall. 🙂

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Saying NO, but moving forward anyway

      1. Just about to leave for Pakistan (well, in 2 hours). I’ll probably be without internet for a day or so. See you when I get there. Hope Dave had a fab time in China 😀

      2. He did enjoy his time but rather overwhelmed with work there. Now he’s trying to get back to our time zone. 15 hr difference is a tough one! Talk to you soon!!!

    1. Oh so true! And I’m going to join the fun at the new gallery. Should be an interesting experience!

    1. Thanks Karen! I’ve had the last several days off from traveling to Eugene daily (100 mile round trip). I even spent some time in the studio yesterday. Granted it wasn’t for art but to uncover architectural drawings of the next house for sale. I can almost taste the freedom!!! 🙂

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