On the hook

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Hook #1:  Two offers have come forward for the family home in Eugene on one day. I was just shocked!  Offer #1 was from the first family who negotiated for several weeks in early May, but they continued to low-ball the price. Now they increased their amount to a more respectable number, but it’s not as good as offer #2!  I suspect they upped their offer because they learned of a second bid coming in. Gotta love a real estate agent who works for ya! So now we play the back and forth negotiation dance with family#2. They actually have family in the area (10 houses up and over the top of the hill for those who know the area) and are familiar with the home, having admired it for many years. Family #2 actually wrote a letter of introduction to us, which was a cleaver move! I still hate to think of what awful changes they will make to the interior and exterior, but as my father used to say, “walk away and don’t look back”. Me, being inquisitive about people, did a little research and found he is an upper-up at a major technology company that happens to employ my nephew. Hmm. At least they will have the bucks to take care of the home!

Hook #2: My husband’s car has been in the shop this week so he has been using mine. For some strange reason, people always approach him and talk cars. He’s received a huge amount of interest from onlookers with the electric iMIEV, and many conversations regarding the Honda (1992 Civic SI). We are actually at the stage of needing to sell the Honda and he was approached while at lunch about selling the car. Unsolicited!  How freaky is that?? Of course, it is contingent upon us agreeing and purchasing another vehicle first. The little red car is not allowed to leave until I have a new used something. Most likely, it will be yet another Honda because they last forever. I’ve had mine for almost 20 years and it still gets better gas mileage than almost anything new out there! However, the little red car doesn’t fit 3/80# dogs, 2 adults, and gear for a coast trip. It just doesn’t work!

Life sure moves in interesting ways!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “On the hook

    1. Yes, and I’m waiting to hear back from the family if they have accepted our counter offer.
      I also spent a bunch of time checking auto prices…Yikes! Massive sticker shock!

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