Writing it out

Sometimes I wish I had the wand Dumbledore used in Harry Potter to extract thoughts and drop them gently in a glass vial. I could store them in a row and if someone needed to see what the heck I was thinking, I’d pull out the pensive and let them have at it. Friday I spent many hours composing my ideas on paper for this project, mainly in a form of a letter to go to the city. Then I moved on to trying to draw up something coherent for the approval committee.  I don’t have actual dimensions for the building as of yet, so I estimated by looking back at photos taken in early May. The windows are very tall so I estimated them to be about 7 feet high. The exterior is deceptive because when you are inside, the bottom of the window are about 32″-36″. When standing outside, the lower window ledge starts at about 18″. I can already tell I’ll most likely be creating some sort of stage to help boost the flowers, but also to provide support for the stems. The flower stalks will have quite a bit of weight to them.  A couple more recycled doors should do the trick!  Below is the image of the building I’ll be in with the narrow tall windows. Then comes my starting layout drawing with building overlay. My goal is to get the tops of the flowers at about 6 to 7 feet high when you are standing outside and looking in.

city hall old

drawing1 w overlay


I’m really uncertain how far back into the space I can move and I also need to make sure I don’t obstruct the one entrance on the side. My brain is already laying out how to move everything there safely. U-Haul and a crew of 2 extra bodies should do the trick. There goes my focus again! Present moment! That’s where I need to be today. 🙂

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Writing it out

  1. I guess the deptive depth can be seen by looking at the door next building, strange. You’ll get it done and will be impressive. love, jean

    1. I spent more time in Halsey yesterday and discovered there isn’t a step down. That will make life much easier and I can now set a specific height range for the camas. Unfortunately, the far left window probably won’t receive much treatment due to the proximity to the door. I’ll need to find out how much they plan on using the building during the installation.

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