More info on my brother

Hi all!

Yes, this is another update on my brother Tom. I have quite a few family members abroad who are keeping track of events through this post.  Sorry, no art stuff.

The doctors have ruled out a clostridium difficile bacterial infection. His temperature is much higher and he has better color. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much positive change otherwise. The blood acid level has been too high. He was experiencing greater difficulty breathing so the rate was increased. This could possibly help alleviate the acid level issue, but it didn’t. The nephrologist spent a lot of time working through all his tests. A blood infection was determined last night and my sister ok’d the start of kidney dialysis. This might help give his body a chance to get an upper hand as they work to kill the infection.

Thursday his son and ex wife arrived from Connecticut. It’s good to have extra family coming in to visit. Even our Uncle Hal got word and was the first visitor of the day.

He has been fighting the sedatives given and actually has an extremely high tolerance, so visitation is very limited because he gets so worked up. He is restrained in the bed so not to do further damage to all the lines in and out of his body. Oh my there is a lot!

His ex girlfriend in New Zealand will be flying in on Monday. I’ll be running up to Portland to pick her up and take her down to Eugene.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this stuff.



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4 thoughts on “More info on my brother

  1. Gale,
    So sorry to hear everything that your brother, you, and the rest of your family are dealing with right now. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers as Tom battles this infection.
    Love, Mary

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