More Than Beautiful

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The main struggle is over with the cases being complete. Now I need to determine what to do to provide light. The space these are going into do not have any sort of electrical plug-in. Bugger! So, what now? I do have one LED battery light bar floating around the studio somewhere, but I’m not able to locate it at the moment. It could be a possible alternative. I’ve still got time to work on this issue. The other option is to leave the backs off the case so some light can get in.

I’ve been working on a title for this emerging project and the line “more than beautiful” seems to be sticking. My brain is already working on other possible things to add into the mix of lighted papercuts. There is still another line or two from my G-Grandfather’s letter, discussing the state of the forests during his geology survey back in 1891 on the flanks of Mt Rainer in Washington State.

Since the cut writing isn’t the clearest, it reads:

“The scouting trip yesterday was more than beautiful, through virgin forests never polluted by the hand of man.”                                       1891 letter from H. Parrish to F. LaFreniere, Carbonado WA. 

I did discover that working with the text was probably the hardest papercut I’ve done to date. Especially keeping it in his handwriting, but altering it enough to make cutting possible. It was very difficult to keep the lines from stretching during the color and glue application. Everything kept moving around and getting out of whack. The color isn’t quite what I had hoped (having forgotten how saturated the liquid acrylics needed to be to make a punch). Maybe the next one will go more smoothly.

Materials used: Hemlock, balsa wood, mulberry paper, Arches 140# cold press watercolor paper, Golden Liquid Acrylics, encaustic wax, danish oil.



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

13 thoughts on “More Than Beautiful

    1. Thanks Anne! I tried to use a modern font, but it didn’t feel right and my critique group let me know as well. I’m glad I made the extra effort. Really stiff paper helped keep it together.

      1. I’m always amazed by the steps required from concept to completion. At least they are out of the house for a month. 😄

      2. Always! It drives me nuts the amount of people who think that artists just sit around dappling water colours onto a little bit of paper. That’s a hobbyist!!!!

    1. Thanks Karen!! I spent Saturday cleaning up the studio and then tackling the house. Everything had really slipped into a state of craziness while I pushed through the project. One item checked off the list and Anna’s book is next.

    1. So many stories that flow through most of my work, but people don’t know. Thanks for your positive support!

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