Closing In On The End

 Things are finally looking almost finished. Today I’ve been multitasking between woodworking, applying acrylics on paper, mixing glue, mounting and framing the paper cut, encaustic, and a few other things. There remains one more case to build for the partial quote. No problem! Heck, I sped up the acrylic drying by using the oven. The light box is on to aid the glue process where extra warmth is appreciated (complete with heavy textbooks keeping it pressed flat). I figure out ways to get the job done even if it’s not pretty. 

Unfortunately, it’s Wednesday which means pottery night. Will I accomplish everything before class? I might be skipping school due to the deadline at hand.  The five bowls will have to wait a bit longer.  
I can already envision this project enlarging in size and scope…. It will be good!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Closing In On The End

    1. Taking Ted’s clay exploration. It’s an effort to get Dave into a different realm of brain thought away from work. Plus it seemed like a good winter thing and I’ve never used that space before. 😃
      Not like I’ve taken advantage of the space yet!

    1. I was up late last night getting the box together and glued. Today has been the fiddling stage: trying to get the last inner corners sanded to allow the text block to slide in. I’m now moving on to staining! It’s getting so close to completion! Of course the lighting of this case hasn’t been figured out….

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