Two birds with color


Household illnesses have certainly slowed down studio time. Monday I jumped in on the warbler, popping blues and yellow in WC, then topping with colored pencil and micron pen. Monday night was critique group meeting and I actually had something to share!  Today I started adding touches to the Chickadee. The slow progress is partly due to my hesitation with the tools. I feel clumsy and uncertain of what I’m really trying to capture, not like it really matters since this book is all about fun. But it matters in my brain. I know the warbler is out of proportion in several areas and that disturbs me. Fortunately the Chickadee is still looking ok and should look better once I tackle the legs, feet and tail section. The act of drawing creates an instant hesitation towards creating in my brain. It’s never been comfortable. Yet, if I don’t do something there’s a loss between hand & brain. Right now I feel lost between those two areas. Practice will rebuild that bridge. Thank goodness for my art friends wanting to create new collaborations!

One question that popped up in the Monday night meeting was ” Is this going to become a book others could purchase?”.  I will certainly show the group my completed book and the others along the way. Printing it for others has always been an interesting thought… Not sure how one would get a concertina book produced through an online book company. 🙂

The illness I had has morphed into something worse for Dave. He has been battling two evening of over 100 F temp! Yuck! Fingers crossed it won’t come back at me a second time!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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