Thinking South


I’m having a hard time figuring out what to focus energy on today. So many things are jumping through my brain. The dogs, amazingly enough, have already been walked (we had a break in the rain). Cats have received a fair amount of attention. There are several errands to run, groceries &  laundry. I have ideas about a simple holiday card, but don’t know how I want to tackle it. Draw it then have another company print it? Print them myself? I also have a holiday tree idea that requires power tools and time in the garage. Then there’s the drawing started for Anna’s book (it actually received attention yesterday!), plus Karen and Cathe’s books waiting for drawings as well. I also have these thoughts of getting product back on the Etsy site. Maybe someone would want a print for the holiday? Or kitchen tea towels? That takes a lot of additional energy to produce photos and everything (the product is completed and just waiting for marketing.)

The big thing that stirred the brain was thinking about moving to Chile. Yes, the country! The current company my husband works for has been shifting into unstable waters. Rather than waiting for the end or a forced move to the Seattle area, ideas are starting to be tossed around about other work options: going to work for current customers or becoming a consultant. One company has been actively reminding him about coming to work for them in southern Chile. It’s certainly an amazing country… fjords, lots of coastline, volcanoes, the end of the world…  Tasmania would be another nice option too if his contacts there said they wanted him.

Time to return to reality and get something done! Errands and back to the studio for work.




Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Thinking South

    1. Actually, we would only be able to experience barking and meowing in Spanish. The bird wouldn’t be allowed into the country. I actually doubt Moby would make it through the customs/quarantine.
      Certainly more pathways to travel before jumping off to the ends of the world!

  1. Well that kind of move would keep my mind busy….sounds all too exciting! I think you should do…the Etsy shop, the books, the move, forget the laundry and errands. 😉

    1. It’s really too early to even be thinking about a possible move, but it certainly stirs up the brain! What would I really need (tool wise) to continue creating my work? How would a new culture and total change of environment shift my artistic ideas?
      Finding a better focus today. Calmer brain, happier Gale! 🙂

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