Peep, Cluck and Baaa



We made it through week 2 of Stay-at-Home/ Pandemic time! Creative energy took a different shift yet again. I can blame the online-felt-along: Chicks. Creating birds is completely new to me, especially with their thin legs and crazy feet. This challenge helped me grasp wrapping bird feet and setting up a wax station to keep the toes covered. Who knew all the variations for getting things to stick on wire! The above chick is getting closer to completion. She still has more “feathering”, tweaking and cheeping to go. The first one is always the strangest in a learning series. Plus I don’t have the right colors or fibers. Oh well. It’s going to be numerous weeks before certain suppliers can open again for business. So I’ll just have to make do with what I have. Maybe it’s time for another dye pot!!! I have Gold Ocher and Aztec Gold on the shelf! Should make something yummy. Or maybe I could use the Robins Egg blue in the stash for a Peep inspired chick! Hahahaha!!!

No food goodies created today since the cupboard is full of ginger scones!

Lamb love_geverettstudio

On the plus side of the week, the lamb balls are almost done! Above is the first batch of 8 that’s made it through the full process. Only 4 left to wash and dry! WooHoo! They could actually be sent out on Saturday!!! Get ready Becky! Your order is finally going to be heading your way without any disease included.

Hopefully this weekend will bring warmer weather for gardening. Come Monday, I’ll be back in the studio creating more fun stuff.

Thanks for checking in today!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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