Lioness WIP

Drawing is my greatest nemesis that causes uncomfortable brain challenges, but pastels might prove to be a way in overcoming the pain. I’ve become glued to several YouTube channels over the past few months with one being a UK pastel artist who gives incredible tutorials. Since I’ve been floating around in the art world not feeling connected with any one particular medium, I decided to make a side step back into the world of drawing with the help of pastels.

I stepped into a charcoal drawing, initially thinking playing in black and white values would suit my brain, but the colors started jumping on the page.

The lioness model is from a photo I took one morning in Kenya. The group of sisters were snoozing under cover of a bunch of shrubby trees. Such a beautiful bunch of cats! I think there was a family of Black Backed Jackals skirting round the lioness group, looking for food scraps. This drawing is my first attempt with pastels and hopefully the image will be mounted on an 8″x 8″ block for a fundraiser at The Arts Center of Corvallis. Hopefully….. I still have plenty of time to screw it up.

Thanks for your interest! Pastels are Faber-Castell soft sticks and pencils. Paper is Sommerset. Hours more fun to come!

You can always find me on Instagram where I post more images than the blog.


Oh, and there’s also a felted goat in process. It still needs a coat, but he/she is looking pretty fine for the first attempt!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Lioness WIP

    1. It’s such a struggle to achieve what my brain is thinking. I love charcoal but I’ve grown away from the medium. But color really grabs me! And animals. I’ve certainly been inspired by your push into painting. If Rosie can jump into a different field, so can I!💕

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