Another slow week

Fiona watercolor sketch

Last week held promise yet evaporated without much to recall. It started strong with the large Ewe and Lamb charcoal drawing then fizzled until Friday when I did a bit of product development with holiday ornaments. The weekend was beautiful and we took full advantage of the weather by completing numerous outdoor projects and even the front door interior wall. Our old dog Moby was not impressed and spent the majority of awake hours on serious medications to calm his fragile nerves. His noise fears continue to worsen with age so we really have to plan our house remodeling jobs. Nail guns are not his thing. Fortunately he was able to escape to the far back yard and sleep under the hazelnut tree shade. I’m actually looking forward to when he goes deaf.

blended blue/green single spun on an Ashford

I think I’ll wait to share the new product designs until later. I’ve managed to create a bit more single spun yarn for the upcoming Birdseye weaving pattern. Sunday night I learned that the oldest son of my neighbor just adopted 6 Alpaca! His mom let him know that I currently work with wool, so possibly next spring I’ll be trying my hand at processing an Alpaca fleece!

rainy afternoon

We are actually having RAIN!!! Currently the second storm front is moving through since mid-month. With rain, downspouts that haven’t been cleared are clogging. This morning I had a bit of first-hand rain experience perched on a ladder clearing out the gutter. It felt wonderful! Autumn is here! Trees are glowing yellow and leaves are falling. It just feels so good to have rain return.

The above sketch was one I played with today. A quick Fiona kitty sketch in blue and gold. 6B pencil and a bit of watercolor blobbed over the top.

Have a good week!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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