Ditch Fish project: Site visit

October 16: I jumped at the opportunity to head to Sweet Home for a site visit and meet building owner Sarah S. A big thanks to Sarah for connecting with me!!  The drive was beautiful, sunny and feeling so much like fall! It took almost an hour to get there from home. Sarah showed meContinue reading “Ditch Fish project: Site visit”

Ditch Fish Project: Venue Change

I had a sneaky feeling my request would be misinterpreted. Maybe it’s for the best. Here are the images for the NEW location, still in downtown Sweet Home. Address is 933 Main Street. I had really hoped for a longer expanse of window but I’ll just have to work with what I’ve got. To beContinue reading “Ditch Fish Project: Venue Change”

Start of the Ditch Fish Project

Today I had to secure my site for the Rural Storefront Art project. I admit, life has been super busy and I’ve not been able to run over to Sweet Home to check the sites, but I had two to choose from and hopefully I chose wisely. Google street views helped a bunch. I won’tContinue reading “Start of the Ditch Fish Project”